After sending an e-mail to Teds record company I was surprised to receive this e-mail back you will rockout beyond your wildest dreams my friend!! i´ll meet you at the HOUSE OF BLUES!!, its gonna be frightening sir!! Godbless you & yours, BloodBrothers , TED As a long time fan of Ted, I finally got a chance to see him at the House Of Blues.

Ted came up with the comment of the year in Chicago. "I love the House of Blues, this is the best place to play. You deserv me." Other comments: "Isn´t this the sexiest guitarlick in the history of America" Listen 17 seconds "No, I was wrong, this is" Listen 20 seconds

As if the show wasn´t enough, I was the only one of the twelve with after show passes that got to see Ted after the show. Excellent show. 16 months later Ted turned 50 on December 13th 1998. 4 days later he had a Birthday Bash at the State Theatre in Detroit and I was there.

A lot of people was there, and a lot of famous artists had sent telegrams that was read or congratulations on video that was presented on screen. Detroits Chief of Police presented an Honorary Chief of Police badge to Ted which seemed to be the gift that he liked best of all. Ted went directly to the microphone "You´re all under arrest". After dinner and all the telegrams and video messages, Ted played a shorter set with members of Kung Fu Diesel. Happy 50th Ted, and I wish you 50 more.

The third time I met Ted Nugent was in the summer of 2001 when I saw him for two shows. I met him before the show at the Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

The concerts there and three days later at Rock Fest in Cadott, Wisconsin were great as usual. More pictures from USA 2001: 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 On May 3, 2002, I was blessed with a son and he was named after Ted, and has his own webpage On June 8, 2002 Ted Nugent played at Sweden Rock Festival, at last.

Then I met Ted again, he was glad to hear that my son was named after him.
Pictures from Sweden 2002: 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11
2006 brought Ted Nugent back to Sweden again. Me and Ted didn't meet him there but we saw him in Minnesota on July 29 instead. News July 7, 1999, 1:40 pm PT (by Linda Laban)
Ted Nugent Creates A 'Masterpiece' With Schon, Blades It was after sharing some "fresh" pork chops recently that Ted Nugent, Journey's Neal Schon, and Nugent's fellow Damn Yankee, Night Ranger bassist and singer Jack Blades, knocked together a new song that Nugent humbly describes as a "masterpiece."

"I was up there killing pigs in Northern California last month," Nugent tells allstar, "and you know how silly that is, because all the pigs are in L.A.," he trails off laughing. "Anyhow, I killed this big-old-hog and that's when I called Neal and Sammy Hagar to come down and have some fresh Nugent porkslab."

Hagar declined the invitation but Schon showed up for the feast, which ended with a jam session that, says Nugent, "turned into this masterpiece of rock-out Nugent music that is going to be a bonus track on my greatest hits album." (The album, Great Gonzos: The Best of Ted Nugent, is due Sept. 21 on Columbia/Legacy.)

Though Nugent, Blades, and fellow Damn Yankee and Styx guitarist Tommy Shaw had just finished working on new material for the upcoming Yankees' album at the time, which is expected to hit the streets next spring, Shaw was not present at the jam session... at least not in person.

"Actually, we're going to have to give Tommy some credit because he was on the phone with us when we were cranking it," says Nugent. "It was so exciting he wanted to squirt through the phone, but he actually came up with great vocal pattern that is part of the music. So I'd better say this is a Shaw, Schon, Blades, Nugent masterpiece."

Said masterpiece is titled "Give Me Just a Little" and is sort of romantically inspired: "It's a love song, baby!" exclaims Nugent. "I like flesh on the hoof."

As for the Yankees' album, that is nearly completed. "We don't have the album titled yet, but boy do we have some great songs," Nugent relates. "I tell you, working with Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades is a stimuli fest. These guys are musical geniuses. They shit musicality."

Recording is on hold for the summer as Nugent headlines the Rock Never Stops tour with Night Ranger, Quiet Riot, and Slaughter in tow. At press time, Nugent and Blades had not gotten together onstage yet, but Nugent, for one, was itching to join him on some Yankees songs: "Night Ranger have been playing 'Coming of Age' [from the Yankees' eponymous 1990 debut album] lately, and I want to get up and play with them so bad it hurts."

Nugent is also excited about opening for Metallica at the Pontiac Silverdome on New Year's Eve in his hometown of Detroit, and already has plans for a very special guest to join him.

"I've been collaborating with a one-ton, herd-bull buffalo from South Dakota that I ride onstage," says Nugent. "People don't know whether they should shit or go blind, it's so unbelievable to see this dynamic humpage onstage."

Damn Yankees Photos from 1990

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