Rock Fest, July 19 - 20 - 21 - 22, 2001 in Cadott, Wisconsin

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SUNDAY July 22, 2001


Time: 2.30-3.16 p.m.
Mark screams too much, otherwise it could have been great.
They ended with a medley while Mark was running around in the audience: 
Live Wire/War Pigs/Paranoid/(a couple of seconds of) Snakeskin Cowboys

Rating: 3

After Slaughter I went to a tent and heard a little by a coverband called Glitch.
They were OK.

Uriah Heep (2)

Time: 4.16-5.27 p.m.
Started with too many mediocre songs but after that they really was quite good.
They ended with Gypsy (that was very 'eavy), Look At Yourself (boring solo by Box), July Morning.
Encore was Easy Livin' of course.
The vocalist was doing a good job.

Rating: 3+

Blue Öyster Cult (2)

Time: 6.47-7.36 p.m.
Quite boring, they played only 50 minutes, but the sound was good and some songs were good.

Rating: 3

Jethro Tull (11)

Time: 8.37-10.03 p.m.
Ian's voice held together much better than last time I saw them at Cirkus in Stockholm. 
He didn't talk as much as usual but the reason for that might have been that he didn't have Dave Pegg to pick on.
They played 3 songs from solo albums and then the ordinary same songs as always, boring.

Rating: 4

Ted Nugent (4)

Time: 11.04-12.30 a.m.
Played the same songs as in Michigan a few days earlier, but maybe not as long versions and not nearly as much talk, 
but I didn't mind as I had a long drive after the show.

Rating: 4+

© 2002 Patrik Wikström

2001 19 Jul Mt.Pleasant, Michigan, Soaring Eagle Casino
Time: 7.14-8.35 p.m.
Intro (some Nugent commercials on video + film clips)
jam, screams, shrieks, NUGE
Snakeskin Cowboys ("I'm so fuckin' good I can hardly stand myself")
 presentation Marco Mendoza, my bloodbrother & Tommy Clufetos
Free For All ("Soaring Eagle Tonight")
Hey Baby (vocals Marco, "St. Holmes Classic")
 "Good to be back in attitude filled Michigan. Everybody is welcome, everyone has rights. 
  They have the right to crawl my fucking shit."
Wang Dang Sweet Poontang / Blues bridge ("Four things is all I need, pussy, god, guns, rock'n'roll")
 "Not bad for an old motherfucker. Is my guitar loud? You haven't heard shit yet! Those country & western boys 
  would throw up. Am I making sense, or am I just scaring the shit out of you? 
  I have played in Michigan since 1958, so your grandparents were my fans. I feel sincerely home."
Kiss My Ass
Need You Bad
Cat Scratch Fever ("No.1 guitar lick in Detroit, no it's No.1 in the world")
 "That ain't shit. Don't get high, pukin' ain't a party")

Encore: 8.37-9.04 p.m.
Great White Buffalo ("The Spirit of the Buffalo is alive at the Soaring Eagle.")
 "I'm a Buffalo Superstar, who in the fuck do they think they are"
 ended with shooting an firearrow through a guitar (as usual)
Fred Bear ("Fred talk to me"
 "No shit. Thank you, Michigan. Thank you, Eagle who soars on the wings of freedom"

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