Sweden Rock Festival, Norje, 7-9/6 2001

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THURSDAY 7:TH 19.30 - 01.00
SWEDEN STAGE	19.30-20.30 Bosse (S) / 21.15-22.30 Lotus (S) / 23.15-01.00 AC/DC Jam (S)

FRIDAY 8:TH 12.00 - 02.00
FESTIVAL STAGE                     ROCK STAGE                            SWEDEN STAGE
                                   12.15-13.15 Mustasch (S)              12.00-13.00 Rise And Shine (S)
13.30-14.40 Uli Jon Roth (GER)                                           14.00-15.00 Tang (US)
                                   15.00-16.15 Ken Hensley Band (UK)     
16.30-17.40 Glenn Hughes (UK)                                            16.30-17.45 Manny Charlton Band (US/UK)
                                   18.15-19.45 U.D.O. (GER)              18.30-19.45 Symphony X (US)
20.00-21.30 Hammerfall (S)
                                   21.45-23.15 W.A.S.P. (US)             21.45-23.30 Nitzinger (US)
23.30-01.20 Gary Moore (UK)

THE ROCKKLASSIKER TENT: 19.00-19.45 House of Shakira (S) & 21.45-22.30 Talisman (S)

SATURDAY 9:TH 12.00 - 02.00
FESTIVAL STAGE                     ROCK STAGE                            SWEDEN STAGE
                                   12.15-13.15 Metalium (GER)            12.00-13.10 The Flower Kings (S)
13.30-14.45 Southern Rock Allstars (US)                                  13.55-14.45 Nocturnal Rites (S)
                                   15.00-16.15 Bigelf (US)               15.15-16.15 Freak Kitchen (S)
16.30-18.00 Pretty Maids (DEN)                                           16.45-18.00 Moxy (CAN)
                                   18.15-19.35 Dokken w/John Norum (US)  18.30-19.45 Grave Digger (GER)
20.00-21.30 Helloween (GER)
                                   21.45-23.15 Rose Tattoo (AUS)         22.15-23.35 Angel (US)
23.50-01.20 Dee Snider (US)

THE ROCKKLASSIKER TENT: 21.30-22.15 Lion's Share (S) & 23.15-23.45 Demon (UK)


THE DEMOSTAGE: Torsdag 18.00 Björn Kleinhenz / 19.00 Redheads / 20.00 Hickey / 21.00 Backwardness
Fredag 16.00 Mercury Fang / 17.00 Powertrip / 18.00 Infinity / 19.00 Loaded / 20.00 M.O.B. / 21.00 Elsesphere
Lördag 14.00 Distortion Inc / 15.00 Backdraft / 16.00 Hälge Bältes Trio / 17.00 Rage / 18.00 StoneHeart / 
       19.00 Kaptain Sun Zombi / 20.00 Mocking Birds / 21.00 Slow Train

Bands in red are the ones I saw at the festival, for bands in green I just saw parts of shows, 
bands in blue only have some comments.

Me, my cousin Lars and my dart-friend Jocke left Stockholm on thursday afternoon.
We came down just in time for AC/DC Jam but we didn't see them. Heard a few songs though, and it was not better than 
AB/CD or High Voltage from Uppsala.
On the way back our friend Z followed since their car broke down.
 Tired rockers


Uli Jon Roth

Photos by Patrik Wikström, check out Don Airey to the right
Once upon a time he was the guitarist of German band Scorpions and played on classic platters like " Virgin Killer", "In Trance" and "Tokyo Tapes". After the latter he got fed up with the commercial direction of the Scorp's and formed his own band Electric Sun. The style was here more akin to Jimi Hendrix than the traditional hard rock. He later went over to using his own name and just recently released the highly mind-blowing "Transcendental Sky Guitar". A double live-CD where he mixes classical works with brutal Hendrix-tunes and his own compositions. His highly personal style is reinforced by the sound of his self-designed and custom-built Sky Guitar; where the upper part of the neck is fretless, like a violin. Uli is a source of influence to many guitarists and actually one of Yngwie Malmsteen's greatest idols!

Uli did not surprise me with being a great guitarplayer, but Don Airey on keyboards was a blast.
Played two Scorpions songs, Polar Nights and the encore Dark Lady.
Highlight: The musicians, not the music. Excellent guitarist, keyboardist and bassplayer. Rating: 3+

The Master of the Sky Guitar / Scorpions


Ken Hensley Band

Now were talking musician with a long and extensive CV. In the seventies Ken Hensley recorded albums with bands like Gods, Head Machine, Weed and Toe Fat, before he ended up in Uriah Heep. With Heep he released classic platters such as "Salisbury", "Demons And Wizards" and "Wonderworld". He also released a solo-album in 1973 entitled "Proud Words On A Dusty Shelf". In 1979 he left the Heepsters and later joined southerners Blackfoot (with Rick Medlocke from Lynyrd Skynyrd) and recorded two albums with the band. In 1999 Ken released a solo-album with his own band Visible Faith entitled "A Glimpse Of Glory". There will also be another Hensley-solo album on the market, entitled "Running Blind". Hensley is also to be found on a forthcoming Phil Lynott-tribute "The Spirit Of The Black Rose". So, in short terms, there's lots of material and lots of quality. John Lawton jumped off their Hensley/Lawton project just weeks before the festival so this was actually the first gig for this new band.
Line-up: Ken Hensley (keyboards, guitar, vocals), Dave Kilminster (guitar, vocals), Andy Pyle (bass, vocals), Dave Wagstaffe (drums), Ian "Moon" Gould (backing vocals), Miss Chip Jenkins (vocals)

The new singer had a voice similar to John Lawton but much, much weaker. Both Don Airey and Damon Fox was in the crowd. 
Played one great new song that was supposed to come out on the next album "later this year, or next year or the year after." 
Highlights: Two of the Uriah Heep classics, The Wizard and July Morning. Rating: 3 

The Ken Hensley Homepage

Had to walk up to Don Airey during the Hensley gig. Congratulated him for his great work with Ten. 
He was now planning to do another album with them. Even though I asked him to stay and help Angel out 
with the keyboards (since Giuffria wasn't with them) he couldn't stay, he was leaving for London. 
Left photo by Jocke Svensson


Mercury Fang

A dark horse in the same genre as Deep Purple and Rainbow, but taking it a step further. With heavy guitars, fat keyboards and a phenomenal singer. No record, but enough songs for three!
Line-up: Fredrik Glimbrand (lead vocals, guitars), Håkan Granat (guitars, backing vocals), Jörgen Schelander (keyboards, backing vocals), Ken Savefjord (drums), Olle Bodén (bass, backing vocals)

Had heard 7 songs before from a great demo-CD and the best part was that the new songs were even better. 
Håkan Granat's past in Rush cover band Rush For Cover is noticeable. After seeing Rush live 12 times I actually find 
similarities not only in his guitarplaying, but also in his appearance on stage. 
Bassplayer Olle Bodén has a past in 80's glamrockers Point Six. 

Highlight: I knew Håkan was going to be great, it was the singer that surprised me with being very good even live. 
Rating: 4 

Official Homepage


Glenn Hughes

Glenn Hughes has since many years been a true Sweden-friend. In his line-up on the last four albums you'll find Swedish Fender-bender Jocke Marsh (ex Spellbound) and the 1994-album "From Now On" was recorded with a 100% Swedish backing band. Glenn's history reaches, as most of you know, way further than that. During the seventies he played bass and sang with the classic power rockers Trapeze (also featuring Dave Holland, later in Judas Priest), to go on to the not entirely unknown Deep Purple. There he recorded timeless albums such as "Burn", "Stormbringer" and "Come Taste The Band". After this he joined forces with guitarist Pat Thrall and they formed Hughes Thrall, who only made one album, but a highly acclaimed one. His solocareer has contained albums like "Blues", "Feel", "Addiction" and a killer-live in Japan. His latest release is entitled "Return Of Crystal Karma" and it surely is a continuation of Glenn's return to guitar-driven hard rock with his highly personal soul-filled rock-voice.
Line-up: Glenn Hughes (bass, vocals), JJ Marsh (guitar), Shane Gaalaas (drums)

Might Just Take Your Life (the bass sound broke down in the second half of the song)
The State I'm In
Medusa (Trapeze)
Seafull (Trapeze)
You Are the Music..We're Just the Band (Trapeze) (Glenn said in swedish, "Jag behöver funken" - I need the funk)
First Step of Love (Hughes-Thrall)
Deep Purple Medley incl. Owed To G & Gettin' Tighter among others
You Keep On Moving

Would have been ranked 5, if the show hadn't been only 70 minutes. 
I liked Glenn's comment: "I'm gonna be 49 next month, not bad for an old geezer. 
They keep asking me: "Can you still sing those high notes" Of course I can, I'm not on drugs anymore."
Highlight: The best opener of the festival, Stormbringer and the surprise Trapeze songs, especially Medusa. Rating 4+ 

www.glennhughes.com / Trapeze


House of Shakira

Swedish melodic hard rock or AOR has always been well received all over the world and House Of Shakira are one of our country's strongest bands in this genre. The quintet has so far released three albums: "Lint", "On The Verge" and "III". Right before the recording of the debut the band was forced to change singer, as Micke Eriksson, now more known as Zifa, weren't allowed to sing in the band because of his solo-deal. A hard blow, but the situation was smoothly resolved. Micke's vocal deadringer Andreas Eklundh joined the band only two weeks before recording the first album. House Of Shakira has among others toured Europe supporting Royal Hunt and will play Madrid this summer. The band played at the Rockklassiker Radio-tent.
Line-up: Andreas Eklund (vocals), Mats Hallstensson (guitar), Anders Lundström (keyboard), Per Schelander (bass), Tony Andersson (drums)

Sadly the gig was one hour delayed so I only heard the Journey song Stone In Love during the soundcheck, before going 
to see Symphony X. Thanks for giving me some Journey, I later heard that they played Separate Ways in the set as well 
but I heard that at the releaseparty at Pub Anchor in Stockholm last summer.

Official Homepage of House of Shakira


Symphony X

One of the US most interesting prog-metal bands. The band was founded in 1994 and has just recently released their fifth album "V" and thereby given the melodic and highly intricate technical metal genre a forward kick in the butt. Guitarist Michael Romeo splatters tones like a rabid hamster and the rest of the band keep up with him really well. Singer Russell Allen is of the melodic kind and gives his bro in Dream Theater a real run for his money.
Line-up: Russell Allen (vocals), Michael Romeo (guitar), Michael Pinnella (keyboards), Mike LePond (bass), Jason Rullo (drums)

Highlight: The whole show. Excellent order of songs, great sound. Rating 4+

The Edge Of Forever



Blackie Lawless and hooligans are about to release the follow-up to the brutal "Helldorado". The album-title sounds like a nightmare - "Unholy Terror". Here he deals with subjects like social, religious and political hypocrisy, despite his fundamentalist Christian upbringing. As he says himself; "This record is no way intended to be blasphemous or an attack on religion, but specifically man's interpretation of what they believe the Bible says".
Line-up: Blackie Lawless (vocals, guitar), ? (guitar), Mike Duda (bass), Stet Howland (drums).

Only saw a few songs, thought I saw enough of them as support to Iron Maiden in 1986.

W.A.S.P. Nation / W.A.S.P. Warriors



In the seventies he wrote songs and handled some guitars in Bloodrock, later he formed his own band Nitzinger and released some nice riffsters. After this he joined former ELP-dude Carl Palmer in the pomp-oriented 1PM. What more people might know is that he was once also a member of Alice Cooper's band. A quick jump ahead and we find the new and just recently released album "Going Back To Texas" (Record Heaven). This cat hasn't lost his claws, that's for sure! The album oozes of straight-in-your-face bluesbased heavy riff-o-mania. I mentioned he's from Texas, didn't I?

A friend of mine thought it was great, and John seemed to enjoy himself very much.
I just saw one song and that was a slow number that was drowned out by the loud noise from W.A.S.P.

The John Nitzinger Band Website



Melodic hard rock with one helluva drive and always with strong musical qualities. Bass-player Marcel Jacob and singer Jeff Scott Soto, both with a musical past in Yngwie Malmsteen's band, are the figureheads of Talisman. The band has during the years recorded heavy platters like "Genesis", "Humanimal", "Life" and the classic self-titled debut. Jeff and Marcel also recorded with the side-project Human Clay, a covered up Talisman to be honest, to again re-form Talisman with guitarist Pontus Norgren in the ranks and record the album "Truth". Even if the band no longer officially exists and has partly re-grouped under the monicker Humanimal, they will do some gigs this summer incl. Spain and the Rockklassiker tent at Sweden Rock.

Talisman had severe problems with Jeff's microphone and Marcel had to play on a borrowed bass he had never seen before. 
Guitarist Pontus made up for it though. 
Highlights: Tie Your Mother Down (Queen), I'm A Viking (Yngwie Malmsteen). Rating: 3+


Gary Moore

Gary is back with his new album "Back To The Blues". Here he's re-captured the classic bluesriffs. This time it's not only covers, but also a whole range of originals, some in the traditional format and others with a personal feel. "The Prophet" is a nice flirt with his own old classic "Parisienne Walkways".

It's tragic that he doesn't play his good rock'n'roll songs anymore. I couldn't stand more than 2-3 songs.

The Official World Wide Web Page



The band started off as an all-star project featuring former members of Savatage, Zed Yago, Yngwie Malmsteen and Rage, but has now developed into a band standing on its own legs. They mix the classic German high octane metal with American heaviness and tries to add good melodies and fat riffs.
Line-up: Henning Basse (vocals), Matthias Lange (guitar), Lars Ratz (bass), Mark Cross (drums), Jack Frost (guitar)

Metalium was untight and pretty hopeless, they couldn't even make Deep Purple's Smoke On The Water work out. 
Highlight: Just before the show they played Queensrÿche and Rush. Directly after they played Dust In The Wind by Kansas. 
Rating: 2

Metalium's Official Website


The Flower Kings

Guitarist Roine Stolt was once a member of the classic symphonic band Kaipa. He also made a low-profile solo-career, but in the nineties he brought it all to the surface going into the ranks of high-class symph/prog. The first return-platter was entitled "The Flower King", which after this became the name of the band. The band has received rave reviews on all continents and played prog-fests in the US, too. The band's latest album is just recently released and is entitled "Space Revolver". Roine is also part of the project Transatlantic together with members of Dream Theater, Spock's Beard and Marillion.
Line-up: Roine Stolt (guitar), Tomas Bodin (keyboard), Hasse Bruniusson (percussion), Jaime Salazar (drums), Jonas Reingold (bass), Hasse Fröberg (guitar, vocals). Jaime Salazar (from Bad Habit) has (as Anders Johansson) Deen Castronovo in Journey as one of his favorite drummers.

Highlight: Reingold's bass-solo. Rating: 3+



Nocturnal Rites

Of course Swedish metal deserves its place on the festival bill. Nocturnal Rites, hailing from the far north of Umeå, have now released four albums since the debut "In A Time Of Blood And Fire" in 1995. The band plays melodic power metal with an incredible energy. The new release entitled "Afterlife" has received raving reviews and with new singer Jonny Lindkvist they have taken yet another step ahead. Nocturnal Rites are not one of the german-sounding metallurgists, but owes more to classic bands like Riot, with a fresh sound and their own touch.
Line-up: Owe Lingvall (drums), Fredrik Mannberg (guitar), Mattias Bernhardsson (keyboards), Nils Eriksson (bass), Johnny Lindkvist (vocals), Nils Norberg (guitar)

Played two covers. First Children of the Revolution by T-Rex in their own way, then as encore Europe's Scream of Anger. 
Highlight: Johnny Lindkvist, great singer. Rating: 3 




This foursome made a highly successful tour in Sweden last year and a stream of incoming wishes for a return to the festival didn't take long. It seems like Bigelf's mixture of heavy seventies hard rock, Beatles-influenced pop-harmonies and fat keyboards has attracted the stoner-rockers, as well as fans of progressive hard rock and the heavy rock audience. Mix Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep and The Beatles, then add a dose of originality and you've got BIGELF!! They used to end with Black Sabbath's Sweet Leaf, but I would like to hear them play Bloodrock's "Melvin Laid An Egg", which would be a perfect cover for them.
Line-up: Damon Fox (vocals, keyboards), A.H.M. Butler-Jones (guitar), Steve Frothingham (drums), Repe Lumikumpu (bass)

This time around the audience were very disappointing which led to no encore and therefore no new cover. Sad. 
Highlights: New song Mad Hatter and as always Neuropsychopathic Eye. Rating 3+ 

Official Homepage



with special guest John Norum Photo by Patrik Wikström
Dokken last year released the amazing live-platter putting their over twenty years legacy on disc. On "Dysfunctional" (1995) and "Shadowlife" (1997), they strayed away from their traditional classic melodic hard rock to explore the grungier side of rock, which the fans didn't appreciate as much. So when "Erase The Slate" was released in 1999 they had returned to what they do best, melodic, powerful and guitar-driven hard rock. That the opening title-track also opens the live-album is a proof of its driving power. The band has through the years delivered killer-songs such as "It's Not Love", "Breakin' The Chains", "Kiss Of Death", "Tooth And Nail" and "Alone Again", of which most can be heard live.
Line-up: Don Dokken (vocals 79-), Mick Brown (drums 79-), Jeff Pilson (bass 84-), John Norum (guitar 90-92)
Guitarist Reb Beach joined the band in 1998 and is still in the band but couldn't join them at this gig.

Dokken and Norum did a great job, they would have received a 4+ rating if they only had played Dream Warriors. 
Highlights: The Hunter and Breakin' The Chains. Rating: 4 

More pictures of Dokken: 30 / 31 / 32

Dokken Central



I never in my wildest dreams thought this apparition would ever be seen again! In 1975 the band Sweet Mama From Heaven was spotted by Gene Simmons himself. He helped the band get a deal and the same year their debut was released. The name was then of course changed to Angel. The album was a heavy hitter in the heavy melodic rockjungle. With Frank Dimino's sharp voice, Punky Meadows brutal guitar playing and Gregg Giuffria's fat keyboards they went into battle with bands like Deep Purple, whose producer they also borrowed. The band later released classic platters like "Helluva Band", "On Earth As It Is In Heaven" and "White Hot". The group was unlike most others, dressed in white, although they were not dressed in white now. After the outstanding live-album "Live Without A Net" the story sadly took an end. One of my old idols (especially for the hair) Gregg later founded excellent bands like Giuffria and House Of Lords (and they are back together, so Gregg is not in Angel now), while Frank recorded an album with Paul Raymond of UFO-fame. He however kept in touch with drummer Barry Brandt during the years. In 1992 the entire Angel-catalogue was re-issued on CD and interest for the band again started growing. The result was a partly reformed Angel and finally a new album entitled "In The Beginning" unearthed in 1999. Now the angels land in Sweden for the first time ever!
Line-up: Frank Dimino (vocals 75-), Barry Brandt (drums 75-), Steve Blaze (guitar-Lillian Axe), Randy Gregg (bass), Gordon G. G. Gebert (keyboards)

Can You Feel It
Don't Leave Me Lonely
So I'll Say Goodbye
Bad Time
Under Suspicion
The Fortune
Shangra La
On The Rocks
Rock & Rollers
White Lightning
Angel (Theme)

Great show, actually hearing Under Suspicion, The Fortune and Mirrors almost made me rank it with a 5. 
But since they didn't do any encore, they got a 4+. 
Very nice to see new bandmembers that could fill in the shoes of Gregg Giuffria, Punky Meadows and Mickey Jones.
New songs So I'll Say Goodbye, Shangra La and Hero sounded better than on the album, especially Hero. 
Fun to see members of Talisman, Eclipse, House of Shakira and Mercury Fang at the front of the stage. 
Highlights: Under Suspicion, The Fortune, Mirrors. Rating 4+ 

More pictures of Angel: 34 / 35 / 36

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Demon surprised many by showing up for some promotion and a short 6 song acoustic performance in the tent.

I actually met them earlier in the day and talked about last year and they promised to be back again next year. 

Photo by Jocke Svensson
More pictures of Demon: 26 / 28 / 29

See what I wrote about Demon at Sweden Rock 2000


Dee Snider

The reunion of Twisted Sister couldn't be realized. So, what do you do? Well, you take the brain, the voice and the attitude behind the whole thing and invite him! Dee Snider's performance at the Sweden Rock Festival a few years ago was a huge success and wishes for his return has hailed over the office ever since. But to be honest, Dee Snider as headliner will destroy Sweden Rock Festival's good reputation.
Line-up: Dee Snider (vocals), Derek (?), Tony (?), A.J. (?), Dan (?)

I saw him twice in 1998 and made sure not to see more than 3-4 songs now.

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Rise And Shine

Stoner rock is a popular musical term today. It however seems a lot of people mix it up with good old doom och simply heavy seventies hard rock. That's what Rise And Shine is all about. Influences can be traced from bands such as Black Sabbath, Trouble and Cathedral. What gives Rise And Shine an extra kick is the voice of female singer Josabeth. But if you can't play flute, you shouldn't do it on stage. Saw them as support to Bigelf in Stockholm in December 2000 and she wasn't exactly an Ian Anderson on the flute, but then again, nobody is. The band has so far released four singles and the album "Roadflower".
Line-up: Josabeth Leidi (voice), Joakim Knutsson (guitar), Tomas Bergstrand (guitar), Dennis Pålsson (bass), Eric Nordin (drums)

Official Homepage



Now we're talking new interesting Swedish ultra-power-rock! Mustasch with former B-Thong singer Ralf Gyllensten in the forefront rocks the foundation with an incredible power! It ain't stoner, it ain't power metal, it ain't doom and it sure ain't Hellacopters rock 'n roll. Instead you take a pinch of each, blend it in a melting pot and add some highly inflammable material - now you've got Mustasch!

Mustasch Website



Tang is a new band on the heavy rock arena. Tang plays loud, heavy and aggressive! De-tuned guitars and musical elements from hardcore and rap, as well as traditional heavy metal is their formula. The band also contains something this festival lacks - women! The band consists of ladies Denny Colt and Bonnie Parker backed by male drummer Budgie Werner. Budgie has previously banged the drums in Ace Frehley's Comet. See them here first!

Official Homepage


Manny Charlton Band

Once upon a time he handled the heavy guitar-riffage in songs like "Hair Of The Dog", "Razamanaz", "Alcatraz" and the dead heavy "The Ballad Of Hollis Brown". The band was of course Nazareth. He left the group and produced acts like Sweetheart and Vic Vergat. Now he's back with his own combo and a new fresh platter is in the pipeline. The title is "Stonkin" and that kinda describes the music in one word. The man's still got it, you bet ya! Missed him since he was playing opposite Glenn Hughes. Should have seen him at Blue Moon Bar in Stockholm 5 days before.
Line-up: Manny Charlton (guitars, vocals), Mark Carver (drums, vocals), Mike Garza (bass, vocals), Shaun Michaels (vocals), Jim Williams (guitars, vocals)

Official Manny Charlton / MCB Website



The band, lead by and named after singer Udo Dirkschneider, plays German metal of the more energetic type. Udo is the short guy who with his former combo Accept made us yell our lungs out to "Fast As A Shark", "Balls To The Wall", "Restless And Wild" and "Burning". After Accept split he formed his own band, which was put at rest when Accept made a second attempt in 1993 and a few years on. Accept finally folded and Udo resurrected U.D.O.
Line-up: Udo Dirkschneider (vocals 78-), Stefan Kaufmann (guitar, ´79- drums), Fitty Weinhold (bass), Igor Gianola (guitar), Lorenzo Milani (drums)

U.D.O. Online



Hammerfall went straight in on #1 on the Swedish charts, which hasn't happened for a Swedish metal-band since the days of Europe. The band has actually managed to develop the sound and style on the new platter and I guess the true metallion can't miss Michael Wagener's production-skills right? (Dokken among others). Anders has Deen Castronovo in Journey as favorite drummer and Joacim has Geoff Tate in Queensrÿche as favorite singer.
Line-up: Oscar Dronjak (guitar ´93-), Joacim Cans (vocals ´96-), Magnus Rosén (bass ´97-), Stefan Elmgren (guitar ´97-), Anders Johansson (drums ´99-)

Highlight: The rain started pouring when Hammerfall was going to start so we left for McDonalds so I wasn't forced 
to hear one note of Hammerfall. 

Official Website


Southern Rock Allstars

Bands like Blackfoot and Molly Hatchet have earlier visited Sweden Rock Festival. This year's dose of southern rock comes from Southern Rock Allstars that actually contains members of the aforementioned. Drummer Jackson Spires once started Blackfoot and participated on classic platters like "Tomcattin", "Highway Song Live" and "Marauder". Dave Hlubeck (guitar, vocals) was part of the original Molly Hatchet line-up and put a silver lining to albums like "Flirtin' With Distster", "Beating The Odds" and "No Guts No Glory". The remaining members also help carrying the name; Jay Johnson (lead guitar, vocals) is ex The Rossington Band and Charles Hart (bass, vocals) has previously played with Radio Tokyo. The band is just about to unearth the album "Crazy Again" and they have also recorded a cover of "Southbound" for the up-coming Phil Lynott-tribute.

Official Homepage


Freak Kitchen

The band has recently released the album "Dead Soul Men", which climbed even the Swedish chart surprisingly well! The band has now taken a forward step backwards with a return of heavy guitar-riffs, tons of distortion and rhythms never heard before. All this with the melodies intact. Dunno how they do it. Guitarist Mattias IA Eklundh has now also been signed to Steve Vai's label Favored Nations and his solo-album "Freak Guitar" will soon be released together with label-mates Allan Holdsworth, Eric Johnson and Frank Gambale. The band promises whole lotta novelties for next year, with things you've never seen or heard before!
Line-up: Mattias "IA" Eklundh (guitar), Christer Örtefors (bass), Björn Fryklund (drums)

freak kitchen.com



In 1976 the heavy riffing self-titled debut was unearthed and the year after "Moxy II" hit the stacks. With the double axe-attack from Earl Johnson/Buddy Caine and Buzz Sherman's barbwire rocker-voice they threw themselves head over heels into any seventies hard-rocker's heart. After the third and unbeatable release "Ridin' High" Buzz lost his voice and the vocal part was taken over by Mike Rynoski, later known as Mike Reno in Loverboy. In 1983 Buzz sadly died in a motorbike accident and the hopes for a re-union was lost. The members were after this found in bands like The Lee Aaron band (although both Buzz and Earl was also on Lee Aaron's first album in 1982), Hannover, Wild T & The Spirit and Buddy Caine Band. Now they have however decided to re-unite. With new singer Brian "Max" Maxim (who used to back up Buzz on the high notes live), they recently unearthed the album "V". This was their first ever appearance in Europe!
Line-up: Earl Johnson (guitar), Buddy Caine (guitar), Brian Maxim (vocals), ? (bass), Billy Wade (drums)

Official Homepage


Pretty Maids

"Carpe Diem" - Seize the day, is the title of Danes Pretty Maids new album. Pretty Maids have actually played in Blekinge once before, together with Overdrive, and I saw them once as support to Saxon in Stockholm in 1985. A lot has happened since then. The music is however still guitar-driven melodic hard rock, like we remember them on the classic "Red Hot And Heavy", only now with more hair on their chests.
Line-up: Ken Hammer (guitar), Ronnie Atkins (vocals), Kenn Jackson (bass), Michael Fast (drums)

It started raining just before the gig so we left. Only heard Rodeo (from the 1987 album Future World) from the parking lot. 
Great song. It was a pity that I missed them. 

Official Website


Grave Digger

This is true German metal! Grave Digger released their first album "Heavy Metal Breakdown" already in 1984. After three records ¾ of the band changed its name to Digger and in 1986 they released the album "Stronger Than Ever". Singer Chris Boltendahl has always been the stem of the diggers and was of course so on the re-union platter "The Reaper" in 1993. Since then the band has released the following records: "Symphony Of Death" (1994), "Heart Of Darkness" (1995), "Tunes Of War" (1996), "Dark Of The Sun" (1996), "Knights of the cross" (1998) and "Excalibur" (1999). Grave Digger have just got a new guitarist by the name of Manni Schmidt (ex Rage).
Line-up: Chris Boltendahl (vocals), Manni Schmidt (guitars), Jens Becker (bass), Stefan Arnold (drums), H.P. Katzenburg (keys)

Home of the Reaper



Helloween is concidered one of the origins of the German metal genre and thus the source of influence for numerous bands. They probably don't need any thorough presentation, but released their debut in the mid-eighties and have since released classics like "Keeper Of The Seven Keys", "Pink Bubbles Go Ape" and "The Time Of The Oath". Helloween's latest platter is entitled "The Dark Ride" and it's truly the heaviest album they have released so far.
Line-up: Michael Weikath (guitars 83-), Markus Grosskopf (bass 83-), Roland Grapow (guitars 88-), Andi Deris (vocals 94-), Uli Kusch (drums 94-)

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Lion's Share

The band's previous albums have received high critical acclaim all around Europe and the latest (fourth) album "Entrance" is also released in South America through Toxic. Lion's Share's new singer is by the way none less than Tony Niva, formerly a member of Swedish Erotica, Zanity and Niva. The fact that Lion's Share was given the same time-slot as Angel forced me to go and see them at Pub Anchor in Stockholm the weekend before instead. Didn't give me much though, Tony wasn't even close to the old singer Andy. The gig at Sweden Rock 1999 was much better.
Line-up: Lars Chriss (guitar), Pontus Egberg (bass), Johan Koleberg (drums), Tony Niva (vocals)

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Rose Tattoo

Angry Anderson is the small man clean shaved all over his head, acting in the Mad Max movie and lead-singer of the Aussie band Rose Tattoo. The band has more than one similarity with fellow countrymen AC/DC and Angel City. Well, they even shared AC/DC-producer-twins Vanda & Young on their 1978 debut. "Rock & Roll Outlaw" is one of the band's main-killers accompanied with rockers like "Bad Boys Of Rock & Roll", which kinda says it all!
Line-up: Angry Anderson (throat), Pete Wells (slide), Rob Riley (guitar), Steve King (bass), Paul DeMarco (drums)

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Swedish rockers Lotus is in a sense the entire festival-concept caught in one band. Old traditional hard rock, a blues-foundation and a modern sound - there you have it! After the highly acclaimed debut "Fruitage", Lotus has produced killers "A Taster For The Big One" and "Quartet Conspiracy", filled with concrete-crushing riffs. The band is a trio, but on the latter album former Thin Lizzy-guitarist Brian Robertson reinforced them. To tell you the truth the band is good enough to stand on its own feet. If you're into classic seventies-acts like Mountain and Captain Beyond, check them out!
Line-up: Niklas Börjesson (guitar, vocals), Tomas Modig (bass), Hans Eriksson (drums)

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The band does the originals very convincing and with a never ceasing energy and power.
Line-up: Jim Sjöholm (lead guitar), Ola Karlsson (vocals), Peter Pålsson (drums), Pelle Thuresson (bass, bvox), Pelle Aldsten (rhythm guitar, bvox)

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The band Bosse has so far released two official CDs; "Bosse - There's something funny with the coffee" and "775 50 Unleashed In The Krylbo". There is also un-official records and bootlegs such as "MUYA - Live In What". The threesome has in the greatest secrecy recorded Sabbath-tunes with Swedish lyrics. You will probably hear some of this, accompanied with their other oddities and a cup of coffee.


Goda Grannar

As always the festival-area will be embellished by the half-crazed neighbors (Goda Grannar means Good Neighbors in Swedish). The walking band will follow the old customs and traditions and wander around playing and changing hats faster than Clark Kent/Superman. A well-liked feature in the festivities.



Stockholm-based quartet that have released three self-financed albums. Classic biting hard rock with their own touch.
Line-up: Richard Averdahl (drums), Peter Gustafsson (guitar), Fredrik Notling (vocals), Conny Goldsmith (bass)

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High quality melodic prog-metal with technical twists as well as great melodies and classy songs. No record out, but a bloody great demo-CD.



Heavy and shitty southern hardrock, like a mix of Badlands and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Have recently recorded their debut-album.


Slow Train

Another band you really wanna check out if you're a fan of classic seventies hard rock and especially Led Zeppelin.

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