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Australia New Zealand Pacific Islands Hawaii
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Tourist Information
Pacific Islands
Queensland Tourist & Travel
Royal Kingdom of Tonga
Aloha from Hawaii
Australia Tourist Commission
Cook Islands
City & County of Honolulu
Office of National Tourism
Fiji Islands
Best Beaches
Qantas Airways Ltd
Air New Zealand
Polynesian Airlines Email
Hawaiian Air
Ansett Australia
Air Pacific
Aloha Air
Royal Tongan Airlines
Hawaii InterIsland Flights
Greyhound Pioneer Australia
New Zealand Rail Travel
Wayward Bus Email
Tranz Rail
Tropic Wings/Grayline Email
Braitman & Woudenberg
Mc Cafferty's Email
New Zealand's Information Network
Queensland Rail Email Schedules
Maui New Zealand
Tasmanian Fax:+61 3 6234 9241
Youth Hostels Association Email
Bed and Breakfast Hawaii
Backpackers of Australia

Hard Rock Cafés

Rest is only Travel Agencies, Tours, Cruises and Car rentals for Australia

Travel Agencies
Tailor Made Travel Email
Indcen Travel Email
World Wide (Ticket)
V.I.P. Tours Email
Alternative Traveller Email
Connections for 18-35´s
Keetleys Tours Email
Broken Hill's Outback Tours Email
Wild Escapes Email
Great Adventures Outer Reef
Kangaroo Explorer
Ocean Spirit Cruises
Captain Cook Cruises
Car rental
Australian Touring Company Email
Territory Rent A Car Email
Hard Rock Café
Lonely Planet
Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
Packat och Klart
Darts Federation of Australia
Skand. Vänskapsför. Email

More Accommodations
Adelaide Email
ANA Hotel Sydney 
Ayers Rock Resort Sydney 
Best Western - Australia Email
City Waters Lodge Perth Email
Flag International Hotels 
Furama Hotels Email
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Southern Pacific Hotel Corp. 
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The Windsor - An Oberoi Hotel 

Queensland Rail Schedules
			Leave	Arrive
Sydney-Melbourne	08.10	18.35	(10,5 timmar)
			20.43	07.05	(10,5 timmar)
Melbourne-Sydney	08.30	19.13	(11 timmar)
			20.05	06.45	(11 timmar)

Sydney-Surfers Paradise	07.05	20.55	(14 timmar)
			16.24	05.29	(13 timmar)
Surfers Paradise-Sydney	05.55	21.35	(16 timmar)
			18.10	10.30	(16 timmar)

Sydney-Adelaide	(Må+To)	14.55	15.40	(25 timmar)
Adelaide-Sydney	(On+Sö)	07.45	09.15	(25,5 timmar)

Melbourne-Adelaide	20.50	08.45	(12 timmar)
Adelaide-Melbourne	19.15	08.45	(13,5 timmar)