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Do you think the man in the raincoat who crosses the street by the streetlight at the tabernacle of the sun in "The Man Who Knew Too Much" is Hitchcock ?

Do you think that it is Mrs. Hitchcock walking past the house where the murder was committed with Hitchcock in "Murder!" ?

Doesn´t the cigarsmoker in the jury (Mr. Daniels) look like the cigarettesmoking interrogator in "Young And Innocent" ? There is one actor, William Fazan, that is supposed to be in both films and this is my best bet. On another note, don´t you recognize the small man Mr. Matthews. Can you place him in some other film?

There is an actor called Tom Helmore in the cast lists for "The Ring" and "Secret Agent" in some books. That can´t be the same actor that plays Gavin Elster in "Vertigo" can it ? Have you found anyone that could be another Tom Helmore in the two earlier films ?

I have found the actress Pamela Bevan in the cast list for both "Sabotage" and "Young And Innocent" and in that case she must be the ticket girl at Bijou Cinema and the Grand Hotel receptionist. Do you agree ?

Mrs. Benson in "Foreign Correspondent" (played by Gertrude W. Hoffman) is the lady that survives the crash and she is listed as Mrs Wetherby in "Suspicion", but I can´t find either her or a Mrs Wetherby in the film. Can you ?

I believe Miss Pollett, the hotel receptionist in "Foreign Correspondent" and Mrs. Corcoran, the librarian in "Shadow Of A Doubt" is both played by the same actress. In that case, Eily Malyon. Do you agree ?

Since the native girl in "The Pleasure Garden" is not Nita Naldi (that is listed in many places), who is she ?

The gateman at Grand Central Station in "Spellbound" must be Henry, the doctor playing cards with Hitchcock in "Shadow Of A Doubt", i.e., Edward Fielding. Do you agree ? But then who is the other gateman in the credits, Harry Brown ?

Miriam´s dark haired boyfriend in "Strangers On A Train" must be Eddie, listed as Elevator Operator, in the lobby at Thornhill´s office building in "North By Northwest", i.e., Tommy Fielding. Do you agree ?

Who is Robert B. Williams playing in "Strangers On A Train" ? He is listed as Patrolman Waggoner in "North By Northwest", but who is that? Is it possibly the policeman in Glen Cove that says "The Car was just reported stolen".

Sara Berner is listed as the Woman on the balcony in "Rear Window" but can she be the woman calling the police at the auction in "North By Northwest" ? Her hair colour is changed but that doesn´t mean anything does it ?

Lawrence "Larry" Dobkin is listed as Cartoonist in "North By Northwest", but who is that ?

Presentations to the TV series

I have written down some sentences that I have difficulty in hearing what Hitchcock is saying.

Into Thin Air
"Feats" our offering for tonight. (suggestion from James Vest: fetes or fits ?, but it’s a long vowel)

talking with a southern accent, (?) standing here while the lights and cameras (?) and the old boy just don´t have the time

Research answered
Talking about Hitchcock´s cameos, I haven´t actually found him in "Rope".
About the cameo in "Rope", In some articles it says he´s supposed to be on a neon sign about 55 minutes into the film and in some it says he is crossing the street during the opening titles.
I do see the red light in the window but I can´t see the resemblance with the Hitchcock trademark.
The only one crossing the street is a police officer with two kids and that can´t be Hitchcock can it ? And the man walking with a lady from left to right (not crossing the street) seems to be too skinny to be Hitchcock.

- A colour still of the ROPE main set showing the red neon sign is on p. 113 of Patrick Humphries's 'The Films of AH', 1986. (Thanks Ken and Nandor)

Portrait Of Jocelyn
I used to paint along the road, but I had to quit. "Motorists" insisted on giving me rides.
Thanks to Ron Breznay.

Bad Actor
Mr. Blackwood was asked to portray a large "jowly" captain of industry.
Thanks to Tom Ricketts.

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