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In what Hitchcock film has famous swedish actor/singer, Jan Malmsjö, a small role ? 1) Torn Curtain X) Frenzy 2) Topaz What TV series was swedish director Alf Kjellin mostly involved with ? 1) Alfred Hitchcock Presents X) The Alfred Hitchcock Hour 2) Suspicion What film had a character named "The Swede" although not played by a swedish actor ? 1) The Ring X) Downhill 2) The Mountain Eagle In how many Hitchcock films did the most famous swedish actress Ingrid Bergman appear ? 1) Two X) Four 2) Three In what film did the lesser known Per-Axel Arosenius and Tina Hedstrom appear ? 1) Torn Curtain X) Topaz 2) Frenzy

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