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Mach 1a Andy Parker, drums  Phil Mogg, vocals  Pete Way, bass  Mick Bolton, guitar
Mach 1b February 1972: Larry Wallis replaces Mick Bolton. 
Mach 1c November 1972: Bernie Marsden replaces Larry Wallis.
Mach 1d Spring 1973: Paul Chapman replaces Bernie Marsden.

In Spring 1973, they headlined a tour of Germany with Scorpions opening; when Marsden missed
the boat, UFO borrowed a guitarist from their openers. Contrary to popular myth, UFO didn't
ask Schenker to join the band instantly, Marsden arrived the next day to finish the tour.
But numbers must have been exchanged because after the tour ended Marsden left and by June the
Scorpions were planning to break up so they encouraged Michael Schenker to take a job with UFO.
June 1973: Chapman (unofficially) and Schenker (officially) replace Bernie Marsden

Mach 2 Phil Mogg  Pete Way  Andy Parker  Paul Chapman, guitar  Michael Schenker, guitar
Mach 2b January 1975, Paul Chapman left to form Lone Star.

Mach 3a August 1975, Peyronel added just before band opened first day of Reading Festival
Mach 3b July 1976, Peyronel replaced by member of Savoy Brown, with whom UFO played a few shows. 

Mach 3c June 1977: Schenker disappeared after UK Lights Out tour, Chapman stepped in for US
tour opening for Rush whom UFO terrorized with pranks such as the fuzzy pink slipper incident.

Mach 3d Fall 1977: Schenker returned to finish tour, album dropped off US charts after a 
splendid six months, peaking at #23 and eventually earning a gold album. (Raymond on keyboards)
Mach 3e October 1978: Schenker, who had attempted to block release of Strangers in the Night
and refused to tour, Chapman disbanded Lone Star, returned permanently to UFO.

Mach 3f June 1980: Paul Raymond leaves at tour's end to join Schenker in MSG; Uriah Heep's
John Sloman steps in for summer sessions (according to a Neil Carter interview in Misty Green
& Blue, some of Sloman's session work ended up on T.W.T.W.A.T.I).

Mach 4a Paul Chapman, guitar  Neil Carter, keyboards/guitar/backing vocals/saxophone 

February 1982: Began US tour on an arena bill between Saxon and Ozzy, but left to headline
arenas after an accident killed Ozzy's guitarist. UFO tickets and album sold well, despite
inexplicable lack of radio rotation/scant MTV airplay for "Back Into My Life." 

Mach 4b June 1982: Pete Way quits to produce Cockney Rejects & Twisted Sister, form Fastway
with Motorhead's Fast Eddie Clarke & their discovery Dave King (later of Katmandu & Flogging
Molly), tour as Ozzy's bassist (Dec. 1982) and form WAYSTED, all within 7-8 months.

Mach 5a & 5b January 1983: Billy Sheehan then Paul Gray, bass
When Sheehan's Talas began touring in Mid February, Paul Gray took over. 

April 1983: Carter immediately joins Gary Moore; Chapman forms DOA in Florida; Parker
returns to LA (joins local band Scarlett). Mogg heads to California to form next UFO.

U F O Mach 6b

Tommy McClendon, guitar
Paul Raymond, keyboards/guitar/backing vocals
Phil Mogg, vocals
Paul Gray, bass
Jim Simpson, drums

Current Album: 11/85: Misdemeanor #74 UK 
Singles: 1985: This Time, 1986: Night Run 

Summer 1983: Mogg in So. California auditioning guitarists (including Yngwie, George Lynch),
until guitar guru Mike Varney takes him to SF Bay Area's Tommy McClendon.
Mach 6a & 6b May 1985: Jim Simpson replaces Robbie France.
November 1985: Misdemeanor released in UK in time for well-received tour.
March 1986: Remixed Misdemeanor released in America.
March 28 1986: Johanneshov Stockholm as support to Twisted Sister.
Mach 6c July 1986: Raymond replaced by Jacobsen as tour approaches west coast. 

Mach 6d February 1988: Odd lineup of UFO reportedly played Hollywood showcase a year later to
launch EP's US release on Metal Blade, followed by sporadic sightings with Myke Gray on guitar.
Dec 28, 1988: UFO play London's Astoria with Myke & Paul Gray in band (the latter's last gig).

1991: Mach 7 Laurence Archer  Phil Mogg  Pete Way  Clive Edwards, drums  Jem Davis, keyboards

1993: Mach 8 (3d) Michael Schenker  Phil Mogg  Pete Way  Paul Raymond  Andy Parker

Mach 8b July 1995: American club tour begins with drummer Simon Wright replacing Andy Parker
(who had to take over his family's business). Opening act Triangle, who toured with Wright's
former employer Rhino Bucket in 1994, replaced midway by Geffen group Lode. Both opening acts 
had product on labels that at one time had expressed interest in UFO--who remained label-less!
Thus, the US Walk on Water was not sold in stores, only at concerts and through mail-order.

Oct. 1995: Schenker bails before tour ends, stirring up a rumor-mill and an internet inferno.

Early 1996: Columbus-Ohio resident Pete Way jams with cover bands in Midwest clubs; Phil
Mogg helps with John Norum's next solo album. (Norum, once thought to be replacing Schenker,
asserted in August 1996 that he was not in UFO, but he finished up his "Worlds Away" album
with help from former UFO guitar tech Leon Lawson and drummer Simon Wright.) 

Late 1996: UFO or at least Pete & Phil sign 3-album deal with Shrapnel & acquire George Bellas.
March 1997: Mogg, Way, Bellas, drummer Aynsley Dunbar & keyboardist Matt Guillory work on album
at Prairie Sun studios in California. They can't call it UFO so they call the band "Mogg/Way"

June 24 : Mogg/Way's Edge of the World released! Yeah buddy! However, the much anticipated
tour (which would have used Simon Wright instead of Dunbar on drums) was put off when, just
before this album's release, Schenker announced he wanted to put UFO back together. (When
some jazz band whose lengthy moniker was abbreviated "U.F.O.," scheduled some dates at a
Scotland club at the time of Edge's release, speculation ran rampant; was this the stage debut
of Mogg/Way, or had the 1995 lineup gotten all the legalities settled in record time?)

November 1997: The 1995 UFO lineup begins European tour; new label Eagle Rock issues the first
of three albums UFO is scheduled to deliver - a reissue of Walk on Water with 3 bogus er bonus
tracks (one from MSG, one from Mogg/Way and one from PRP). The band's new manager, Bill Ellson,
used to be their booking agent in their early-80s heyday, so expect no nonsense this time!

U F O Mach 8

27th August 1997 Walk On Water European Edition released

November 29 1997: Electric Garden Stockholm

The venue isn´t one of the biggest in Stockholm but the place was packed and it was 
push or be pushed even 100 feet from the stage.
It seemed like the band members enjoyed playing this night. Not that Schenker said 
anything but his solos spoke for themselfs. He was spot on, flawless, almost inhuman. 
I´ve seen him three times with MSG but this was something spectacular.
My first two guitarheros was Schenker and Ted Nugent and I saw Nugent this summer 
and that was great but Schenker was even better.
Pete Way and Phil Mogg on the other hand really showed their appreciation. The showman 
Way ran around and posed as usual and Mogg sang much better than when I saw him in 1986.
This evenings highlights were A Self Made Man, Electric Phase, This Kids, Love to Love 
and Rock Bottom. All in all, it was a great concert.
A fun thing was that our dart team had our club championships the same day and the two 
UFO fans in our team were the ones going to the final. We respectively beat the best 
players in our team, at the moment, in the semi-finals. I guess that UFO helped us 
there, we were listening to a UFO tape a couple of times and actually I took charge 
of the final set in my semifinal when the tape was put on for the third time.
Sadly I lost the final towards Stefan after leading both 1-0 and 2-1.

Natural Thing
Mother Mary
A Self Made Man
Electric Phase
This Kids
Out in the Streets
One More for the Rodeo
Pushed to the Limit
Love to Love 
Too Hot to Handle
Only You Can Rock Me
Lights Out

Doctor, Doctor
Rock Bottom

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