TOP 10 Meetings with favorite artists (catched on photo)

1.Kansas  2.Loreena McKennitt  3.Ted Nugent  4.David Ragsdale  5.Don Airey
6.Brian Tatler 7.Queensryche 8.Demon 9.Mendoza 10.Stryper 11.Alice Cooper

In 1999 I met Kansas for the fourth time, this was the first photo though

In Milan, Italy 1998 a friend took this photo of me and Loreena McKennitt

At Soaring Eagle Casino in Michigan 2001, I met Ted Nugent a third time

This was the second time I met David Ragsdale of Kansas, first in 13 years

Me and my cousin Lars met one of my favorite keyboardists Don Airey in 2001

My meeting with Brian Tatler, original guitarist of Diamond Head in 2005

Two of many meetings with Queensryche, Geoff Tate 1989, Michael Wilton 2011

Lars, Z and me met Demon at Sweden Rock Festival 2001

Have met Marco Mendoza a number of times, this was at McD in Nacka 2010

Way back in 1987 I met Stryper, this is with bassplayer Tim Gaines

My second meeting with Alice, I took the photo of him and my cousin Lars

TOP Meetings with favorite artists (not on photo)

Steve Morse
Journey (twice)
Brian May
John Sykes
Lee Aaron
Gregg Giuffria & House of Lords
 Lanny Cordola
Seventh Key
Scott Gorham (three times) London, Karlskoga, Norje
Iron Maiden (three times)
Ozzy Osbourne
Ken Mary (twice) both with Alice Cooper & House of Lords

Van Romaine (twice) both with Kansas & Steve Morse
Geoff Downes (twice) once with Asia
Jonathan Mover
Jaded Heart (twice)
 Jeff LaBar (have photo of Fred Coury as well)
Mervyn Goldsworthy & FM
Ace Frehley
Jim Peterik
Def Leppard
Richie Sambora & Bon Jovi

Klaus Meine & Rudolph Schenker
Gary Moore
Brian Robertson (at Vegabaren in Haninge)
Don Dokken
Swedish acts not included