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Dream Theater + E.L.P. + Deep Purple, Jones Beach Amph. Wantagh NY, 9 Aug 1998 Dream Theater played a great 45 minute opening set, with a lot better sound (due to the outdoor venue), than in Stockholm earlier in the year. E. L. P. couldn´t follow, the 70 minute set was very boring. The encore started good with 20th Century Schizoid Man, but continued with a long instrumental passage and then even a drum solo which did not suit an encore. Deep Purple on the other hand, ended the evening with another stunning performance. The band glows with selfconfidence, they really seem to have a lot of fun again. Steve Morse did another great show, but sadly the concert was only 80 minutes. Tracklist: 21.55-23.07 Hush Bludsucker Strange Kind Of Woman solo Steve Morse Pictures Of Home intro Steve Morse Almost Human Woman From Tokyo Watching the Sky long intro Steve Morse Smoke On The Water Lazy Perfect Strangers intro Jon Lord / Steve Morse Speed King solo Ian Paice duel Ian Gillan / Steve Morse Encore: 23.08-23.15 Highway Star Deep Purple, Solnahallen, Stockholm, 3 Oct 1998 (98 min) Opener was popular HammerFall from Gothenburg but I didn´t see them this time. I left a message for Steve Morse at the Sheraton the day before and he returned my call but sadly there were no chance of getting together. This was my third Purple concert in 14 months and it was the best one as well. Morse sound was crystal clear and Gillan was in great shape. The set was a little longer but still only 98 minutes. Tracklist: 20.38-22.03 Ted the Mechanic Strange Kind Of Woman Bludsucker solo Steve Morse Pictures Of Home solo Roger Glover Almost Human Woman From Tokyo Watching the Sky Any Fule Kno That long intro Steve Morse Smoke On The Water intro Jon Lord Lazy Perfect Strangers Speed King duel Jon Lord / Steve Morse solo Ian Paice Encore: 22.06-22.19 Seventh Heaven Highway Star Thin Lizzy, Hotell Alfred Nobel, Karlskoga, 14 Aug 1998 (78 min) Brian Downey, the best drummer on the planet (Sykes) Scott Gorham, my favorite guitarist in the world (Sykes) John Sykes, the biggest lungs and the scariest guitarplayer I know (Gorham) Darren Wharton, the fastest fingers on the planet (Sykes) Marco Mendoza, bass-player for Michael Ruff, among others. Dedicated to the King of Rock´n´roll, Philip Lynott, this show was something very special. I never got the chance to see the "real" Thin Lizzy. John Sykes did a great job on vocals Tracklist: 23.40-23.48 Jailbreak Waiting For An Alibi (paused for technical problems) Tracklist: 23.50-0.49 Waiting For An Alibi Don´t Believe A Word Cold Sweat Emerald The Sun Goes Down Are You Ready Bad Reputation Suicide Massacre Still In Love With You Cowboy Song / The Boys Are Back In Town 1st Encore: 0.51-0.55 Rosalie 2nd Encore: 0.57-1.04 Black Rose I have been a John Sykes fan ever since he joined Tygers of Pan Tang way back in 1981. After that he joined Thin Lizzy and brought them together in a magnificent album after a few bad years and two bad albums. Then he joined Whitesnake and helped them back into life. In 1989 he started Blue Murder and took me by surprise again by being a great singer as well. Since I hadn´t seen Scott Gorham since 1986 click it was very nice to see him again. But meeting John Sykes was the biggest thrill. He said "See you again, real soon" after Rosalie, but nothing more is planned for Lizzy. Homepage: Thin Lizzy Official Web Pages Cleopatra 20.30-21.07 Played some covers, among others, Donna Summer's Hot Stuff !!! The singer did a fine job on the last song, Whitesnake's Fool for your loving. The Mob Tracklist: 22.35-23.15 Flottarkärlek (Snoddas) Gulli-Gullan (Jokkmokks-Jokke, real name Bengt Simon Djupbäck) Summer of '69 (Bryan Adams) Highway To Hell (AC/DC) Another Brick In The Wall (Pink Floyd) Fight for Your Right (To Party) (Beastie Boys) Gimme All Your Lovin' (ZZ Top) Raggarrock (Björn Rosenström) Everybody get up (Joan Jett, real name Joan Larkin) Sharp Dressed Man (ZZ Top) The organ player, Ronnie, was great and Nikolo the guitar player very good as well. Nikolo first appeared for the big public in Baltimoore with singer Bjorn Lodin. Then both Turner and Glenn Hughes has appeared on Nikolo's solo albums. Homepages: Nikolo Kotzev / Björn Rosenström KIZZ:ed Tracklist: 23.52-00.41 Deuce Love Gun Cold Gin Psycho Circus Shock Me Calling Dr. Love I Was Made For Loving You Shout It Out Loud Beth Detroit Rock City Rock And Roll All Nite "Ace Frehley" was a great guitar player, sang good as well. Both "Gene" and "Peter" sang good as well, as usual "Paul" had problems, but was better than in most cover bands. Homepage: The New Official KISS Website Joe Lynn Turner & The Mob (88 min) Tracklist: 01.03-02.31 Death Alley Driver Man On The Silver Mountain (Dio) Stormbringer (Coverdale) I Surrender Black Night (Gillan) Child In Time (Gillan) Stone Cold Jealous Lover Long Live Rock'n'Roll (Dio) Highway Star (Gillan) organ intro Lazy (Gillan) Burn (Coverdale) Love Conquers All Spotlight Kid Drinking With The Devil Encore: Smoke On The Water (Gillan) All in all a great show with Turner who sang great. I missed The Cut Runs Deep though, from the only Purple album he is on. 5 Gillan, 2 Coverdale and 2 Dio tracks was surprising, only 7 Turner songs. Highlights were the biggest surprises, the two Coverdale songs and that they played Black Night and Child in Time that Deep Purple doesn't even play at the moment. Best song though was Stone Cold, my favorite Turner song. Homepages: Joe Lynn Turner Official Homepage The Official Ritchie Blackmore Website / The Official Deep Purple Homepage Eclipse, Alcazar, Stockholm, Sweden June 29, 2001 (38 min) After looking forward to see Eclipse for a long time, this evening at Alcazar felt special. The small but nice venue was filled (but not completely packed), although the energy was there. As always guitarist Magnus Henriksson and singer Erik Mårtensson, delivered, as I have seen them in other bands before. But the songs from the debut album "The Truth And A Little More" showed the talent of the other guys as well, especially the keyboard player and the bass player. Erik was not playing bass or rhythm guitar as he does on the album. The show started with a real rocker and everything seemed perfect, except that I think that one monitor in front of Erik wasn't working as it should. In the third song I think Erik was at his best. I think he does that song so good that Goran Edman would have trouble doing it better. After a new song and the great Songs Of Yesterday, the two best songs of the show came back to back. A Little More was another song in which Erik showed similarities to Goran Edman, and did it superbly. In fact I think that song is not that good on the album, too much glam rock over it, but live it was great. Next song How Many Times was my absolute highlight of the evening. Great song. Both A Little More and How Many Times, had extended solo sections in which all four musicians could shine. After another new song, the show ended with I Thought I Had It All, in which Magnus gives his best solo. Sadly they did not play Message Of Love, which is one of my favorites from the new album, but the show was great. If the two new songs in the set points out a direction for the next album, I would say that it will be a lot harder. I'm not sure that I want that to happen, because I do feel that they have already on their debut album found their niche. Hopefully the new songs are just meant to be party songs for concerts, because I don't think I want them on the next album. Tracklist: 10.58 p.m. - 11.36 p.m. Midnight Train The Truth The Only One Body And Soul (new song) Songs Of Yesterday A Little More How Many Times Always Standing (new song) I Thought I Had It All The supportact Spoon were not good. They had help from an added background vocalist, Anders Engberg (ex Lion's Share), which was the only good thing about it, although he hadn't memorized the lines. After the only good song (Dream Someone Elses Dream) he shouted out METAL! in a Rob Halford kind of way, which he continued doing after every other song. The last act on the bill was Scudiero that has gotten a rumour of being close to Queensr˙che. I have seen Queensr˙che 23 times, and I have also seen Crimson Glory (which is an OK Queensr˙che copy) and I can say that Scudiero isn't even a good copy of Crimson Glory. Homepage: Eclipse Judas Priest, Munchenbryggeriet, Stockholm, Sweden November 10, 2001 (104 min) Tim 'Ripper' Owens was fantastic. He made my day (even though I had played an excellent dartgame as well) After delivering for an hour and a half he pulls off even Pain Killer better than Halford ever has. The only boring songs were Breaking The Law and Living After Midnight in which the audience went wild (as usual). The new Jugulator and Demolition songs fits in perfectly, although Machine Man was the least good song. The highlights were Touch Of Evil, Blood Stained, Victim Of Changes, Diamonds And Rust and Electric Eye. Great show and it took a place on my Top 50 concerts. Tracklist: 9.00 p.m. - 10.28 p.m. Metal Gods Heading Out To The Highway Touch Of Evil Blood Stained (Jugulator) Victim Of Changes / solo Glenn (1 min) One On One (Demolition) Ripper Diamonds And Rust (Tim sang Stockholm Square) Machine Man (Demolition) The Green Manalishi Beyond The Realms Of Death Burn In Hell (Jugulator) Hell Is Home (Demolition) Breaking The Law You've Got Another Thing Comin' Pain Killer 1st Encore: 10.29 p.m. - 10.41 p.m. The Hellion / Electric Eye United Living After Midnight 2nd Encore: 10.43 p.m. - 10.47 p.m. Hell Bent For Leather Homepage: Judas Priest Eclipse, Pub Anchor, Stockholm, Sweden December 29, 2001 (52 min) After the great concert at Alcazar I was thrilled to see Eclipse again. The bass player and drummer was replaced and they were without a keyboard player. Sadly almost all the songs from the debut album "The Truth And A Little More" was taken out of the set. Of course they couldn't play some of the songs without keyboard so hopefully they will be back in the set with the addition of a new keyboard player. On the next album "Second To None" they have Mats Olausson though. As I said in the review of the concert at Alcazar the new songs points out a harder direction for the next album. Now four more new songs were added and those made it even clearer. Of course the keyboard was missed, but Magnus guitar and Erik's voice was as good as ever. The solo in the opener Season Of Life was great. Highlights were Midnight Train, Second To None (title track of the next album) and Burn (although without keyboard!!!), which Erik presented as the best song ever made. Good show but I must say that I liked the more melodic direction better than this heavier one. Still can´t wait for the new album though. Tracklist: 0.37 a.m. - 1.23 a.m. Season Of Life (new song) All I Do (new song) Midnight Train Streets Of Gold (new song) Second To None (new song) Perfect Strangers (Deep Purple cover) The Truth Body And Soul (new song played at Alcazar) / with drum solo Beat It (Michael Jackson cover) Always Standing (new song played at Alcazar) Encore: 1.25 a.m. - 1.31 a.m. Burn (Deep Purple cover) Prismasalen, Västerås, Sweden Sep 9, 2002 (98 min) Both Hughes and Turner sang great. The sad thing was that you almost couldn't hear the keyboardplayer Jocke Svalberg (which was the first reason for me to be there) and the guitarist Jocke Marsh (formerly Spellbound). The former Electric Boys drummer Thomas Broman played drums or whatever he was doing, he missed a lot and didn't even seem to wanna be there. All in all, it was a good show, with Hughes shining the most as in the Purple tracks, but Turner was great as well, as in the Rainbow tracks. As when I saw Joe Lynn Turner in 1999, I missed The Cut Runs Deep from his Deep Purple days. The worst part was the two tracks from their solo albums, especially Dark Days. Highlights: Stormbringer and Burn.
Tracklist: 10.08 p.m. - 11.33 p.m.
Devil's Road (HTP)
I Surrender (Rainbow)
You Can't Stop Rock 'n' Roll (HTP)
Death Alley Driver (Rainbow)
Seventh Star (Black Sabbath)
Dark Days (Turner)
Can't Stop The Flood (Hughes)
Jealous Lover (Rainbow)
Mistreated (Deep Purple)
Stormbringer (Deep Purple)
Better Man ?? (HTP)
Ride The Storm (HTP)
King Of Dreams (Deep Purple)
Spotlight Kid (Rainbow)
Encore: 11.35 a.m. - 11.48 a.m.
Highway Star (Deep Purple)
Burn (Deep Purple)
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