Resultat Alternativ Melodifestival 2010

TOPP 3 - Till Final
 1 USA, Florida    Kamelot                Memento Mori                 The Black Halo (2005)
 2 England         Shadowman              Those Days Are Gone          Land Of The Living (2004)
 3 USA, California Bigelf                 Mad Hatter                   Hex (2003)

TOPP 13 - Till Semifinal
 4 Tyskland        Avantasia              What Kind Of Love            The Scarecrow (2008)
   Italien / USA   Khymera                Written In The Wind          Khymera (2003)
 6 Holland         Ayreon                 Day Two: Isolation           The Human Equation (2004)
 7 Norge           Circus Maximus         Sin                          The 1st Chapter (2005)
 8 USA, New York   Dream Theater          Forsaken                     Systematic Chaos (2007)
 9 Danmark         Royal Hunt             Not My Kind                  Paper Blood (2005)
   Bulgarien       Brazen Abbot           Bad Madman                   My Resurrection (2005)
11 Sverige         Saint Deamon           My Heart                     In Shadows Lost From The Brave (2007)
   USA, Kansas     Native Window          Surrender                    Native Window (2009)
13 Finland         Brother Firetribe      Going Out With A Bang        Heart Full Of Fire (2008)

Utslagna i Duell (14-32)
14 USA, New Jersey Symphony X             Serpent's Kiss               Paradise Lost (2007)
   Canada          Loreena McKennitt      Penelope's Song              An Ancient Muse (2006)
16 USA, California Steelhouse Lane        Find What We're Lookin' For  Slaves of the New World (1999)
17 Norge / Sverige Starbreaker            Love's Dying Wish            Love's Dying Wish (2008)
18 England         Threshold              Hollow                       Dead Reckoning (2007)
   USA, Minnesota  Brian McDonald Project Patriot Dreams               Voyage (2003)
20 USA / Norge     Allen Lande            Another Battle               The Battle (2005)
   Österrike       Dead Soul Tribe        The Love of Hate             The January Tree (2004)
   USA, California Journey                A Better Life                Generations (2005)
23 Japan / USA     Tak Matsumoto Group    Train, Train                 TMG 1 (2004)
   USA, California Soul SirkUS            Highest Ground               World Play (2005)
25 Canada          Harem Scarem           Higher                       Higher (2003)
26 Schweiz         Gotthard               Master of Illusion           Domino Effect (2007)
27 Schweiz / USA   Artension              Running Out of Time          Sacred Pathways (2002)
28 Norge           Wig Wam                In My Dreams                 Hard To Be A Rock'n Roller (2005)
   England         Praying Mantis         Nowhere To Hide              Nowhere To Hide (2000)
30 Irland          Glyder                 Colour of Money              Glyder (2006)
31 USA, Florida    Axe                    Magic (In Our Eyes)          five (1997)
32 Spanien         Mago de Oz             Jesus de Chamberi            Jesus de Chamberi (1996)
   Spanien         Kilmara                October Leaves               Hunting Dreams

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