- Norje, 8-10/6 2006 - Official Homepage

THURSDAY 8:TH	Mick Box's 59th birthday
FESTIVAL STAGE                     ROCK STAGE                            SWEDEN / ZEPPELIN / TENT STAGE
                                   12.00-13.15 Cathedral (UK)            12.00-13.15 Entombed (S)
13.30-14.45 Doro (GER)                                                   14.30-15.30 Extrema (I) Tent
                                   15.00-16.15 Krokus (SCH)              15.00-16.15 DragonForce (UK) Swed
16.30-18.00 Porcupine Tree (UK)                                          16.20-17.00 House of Shakira (S) Zepp
                                   18.15-19.45 Jeff Healey Band (CAN)    17.45-18.45 Leaf Hound (UK)
20.00-21.30 Journey (US)                                                 18.15-19.45 Easy Action (S)
                                   21.45-23.15 George Thorogood (US)     19.20-20.00 Raise Hell (S) Zepp
23.30-02.00 Deep Purple (UK)                                             21.45-23.15 Nevermore (US)

FRIDAY 9:TH	Jon Lord's 65th birthday
FESTIVAL STAGE                     ROCK STAGE                            SWEDEN / ZEPPELIN / TENT STAGE
                                   12.00-13.15 Arch Enemy (S)            11.50-12.30 Cloudscape (SWE) Zepp
13.30-14.45 Gotthard (GER)                                               14.50-15.30 Jaded Heart (GER) Zepp
                                   15.00-16.15 Gamma Ray (GER)           15.00-16.15 Metal Church (US) Swed
16.30-18.00 Queensryche (US)                                             18.30-19.06 Queer (Queen covers) (S) Tent
                                   18.15-19.45 Kamelot (US)              18.15-19.45 Cactus (US)
20.00-21.30 Venom (UK)                                                   20.45-21.45 Vanden Plas (GER) Zepp
                                   21.45-23.15 W.A.S.P (US)              21.00-22.15 The Poodles (S) Tent
23.30-02.00 Def Leppard (UK)                                             21.45-23.15 Evergrey (S) Swed

FESTIVAL STAGE                     ROCK STAGE                            SWEDEN / ZEPPELIN / TENT STAGE
                                   12.00-13.15 Anvil (CAN)               12.00-13.15 Crucified Barbara (S)
13.30-14.45 M.S.G (GER)                                                  13.20-14.00 Overdrive (S)
                                   15.00-16.15 Molly Hatchet (US)        17.00-17.30 Queer (Queen covers) (S) Tent
16.30-18.00 Alex Harvey Band (UK)                                        17.50-18.30 Blitzkrieg (UK)
                                   18.15-19.45 Edguy (GER)               18.15-19.45 The Sweet (UK) Swed
20.00-21.30 Ted Nugent (US)                                              19.20-20.00 The Quill (S)
                                   21.45-23.15 Alice Cooper (US)         21.00-22.15 Treat (S)
23.30-02.00 Whitesnake (UK)                                              21.45-23.15 Celtic Frost (SCH) Swed

Bands in red were the ones I saw the complete show with, for bands in green I only saw parts of shows.

Photos by Rickard Nilsson, Marcia Britto and Bright Eyes.

First I would like to point out a couple of the Top10 lists that I have on my website. They include:
TOP 11 favorite artists: Journey, Queensryche, Steve Morse & Symphony X (sadly cancelled)
TOP 10 in number of shows seen: Queensryche, Journey, Deep Purple, Ted Nugent & Alice Cooper
Top 10 Vocalists: Geoff Tate, Steve Augeri & Russell Allen (sadly cancelled)
       (And above this I really like Magnus Ekwall, David Coverdale, Ian Gillan & Tony O'Hora as well)
TOP 10 Guitarists: Steve Morse, Ted Nugent & Michael Schenker
       (And above this I really like Vivian Campbell, Neal Schon & Michael Wilton as well)
Top 10 Drummers: Tommy Aldridge & Scott Rockenfield
Top 10 Keyboardists: Don Airey & Jonathan Cain.
A lot of people and bands that are at Sweden Rock Festival 2006. Should be a great year at Sweden Rock.
Those underlined are people that I have met.

This years cancellations were Stryper, Asia and sadly Symphony X.
Symphony X were forced to cancel as late as May 8, due to surgery for bassplayer Michael Lepond.

Best male vocalist: Steve Augeri (Journey)
Best female vocalist: Pamela Moore (Queensryche)




Extrema from Italy have a unique way to combine technical thrash with both angry, and highly melodic vocals. Check out their website and watch the video for "Nature" from the new album "Set The World On Fire".
Line-up: Tommy Massara (guitar), GianLuca Perotti (vocals), Mattia Bigi (bass), Polo Crimi (drums)

They played for 30 minutes and were quite good but no particular song stood out.
Met Håkan Granat during Extrema.

Rating: 3

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The interest for melodic metal have been low in Britain for a long time, and it still is. The only exception is DragonForce, that quite remarkably have managed to obtain starstatus on the brittish isles in just a few years. They are usually compared to Stratovarius and Sonata Arctica but DragonForce might even be faster than that. But it is mostly for their explosive performances they have made themselves a name. A number of technical problems and a member that quit just before sabotaged the bands performance at SRF 2003 and even later DragonForce visits to Sweden seem to have been cursed. This show went without glitches.
Line-up: ZP Theart (vocals), Fred Leclercq (guitar), Sam Totman (guitar), Herman Li (bass), Dave Mackintosh (drums), Vadim Pruzhanov (keys)

Good vocals but they were very fast and became too "sloppy" with the speed. Not really my cup of tea. 
Guitarist Fred Leclercq last year played with Jaded Heart and I met him in Germany. 
Then he had just made a demo with another band (Maladaptive) but since then he have joined DragonForce.
There was a slow song after 30 minutes that was good (almost too slow) after which there was keyboard solo 
and then the guitarists joined in for a jam. Fred with Flying-V.

Highlights: Soldiers of the Wasteland and Operation Ground and Pound (with some kind of mini moog).

Rating: 2+

Official Site

Met Tomas Haake (with girlfriend from Crucified Barbra) after DragonForce. 
Strangely he looked forward to Def Leppard and Whitesnake, two of the biggest disappointments of the festival.


House of Shakira

Truly high class AOR in a slightly heavier form that by some reason have had more success in southern europe and with the critics than among recordbyers in Sweden, but that definitely should be checked out if you think that Journey are among the most interesting bands this year. This band from Stockholm celebrates fifteen years this year with a live-DVD by which they hope to get more attention in Sweden. Perhaps can they persuade some at Sweden Rock Festival as well - House of Shakira has a reputation for being a great liveband. But they didn't play any Journey covers this time.
Line-up: Andreas Eklund (lead vocals), Mats Hallstensson (guitar, vocals), Anders Lundström (guitar), Per Schelander (bass, vocals), Tony Andersson (drums)

Tracklist: (16.20-16.57)
The Song Remains / Uncontrolled ? (came a few minutes late)
In Your Head
Hey Lord (from 2004 album First Class)
Best Of Times
Wings (Learning How To Fly)
Morning Over Morocco
You Are (from 2004 album First Class)
Method Of Madness

Rating: 3++

Official Homepage


Porcupine Tree

Porcupine Tree was born 1987 as a psychedelic, experimental and progressive way of expression for Steven Wilsons homestudioexploration. Then it progressed almost like a joke, when Steven and his friend Malcolm created a fictive story about a legendary 70's band, complete with non-existant members and an absurd discography - The Porcupine Tree. To back it up, Steven recorded hours of music. It became a cassette, which led to a recording contract, that became an LP that now has become history. Last year Porcupine Tree released their twelfth album, titled "Deadwing". Musically the band moves on a narrow, but well adjusted line between psychedelic spacerock and a light progressive melodic rock. A very successful and intricate combination.
Line-up: Steven Wilson (guitar, vocals), Colin Edwin (bass), Gavin Harrison (drums), Richard Barbieri (keys), John Wesley (guitar)

Only listened to them after House of Shakira while waiting to meet Journey. 
Meeting Journey together with my son Ted goes before Porcupine Tree any day.

Official Website


Leaf Hound

In 1971 one of the most classic hardrockalbums was released - "Growers Of Mushrooms" - with english Leaf Hound. The album has been sought after by collectors and the prices have often reached the roof. The same year as the album was released the band split up and later reached somewhat of a mythical existence. The singer Peter French showed up in a couple of other bands like Cactus (but he will NOT sing for them at the festival), Atomic Rooster and Randy Pie. In 2004 Peter gave way of the pressure to assemble Leaf Hound. Sadly the rest of the original members were preoccupied and Peter have found a new rhythmsection that manages the heritage more than well. The first album since 1971 is on it's way.
Line-up: Peter French (vocals), Luke Rayner (guitar), Ed Pearson (bass), Jimmy Rowland (drums)

Official Homepage / myspace


Easy Action

Classic swedish 80's glamrock of the highest caliber. Zinny Zan, Kee Marcello and Peo Thyrén have brought back Easy Action. "We Go Rockin" was the bands biggest hit, a powerful track that an american band tried to swipe! Since the split, the boys have not been lazy. They have been heard in bands like Europe, Red Fun, Zan Clan and Shotgun Messiah. Now it's time for glamrock again and the debutgig was planned for Sweden Rock!
Line-up: Zinny Zan (vocals), Kee Marcello (guitar), Peo Thyrén (bass)


Raise Hell

This band from Stockholm played extremely fast melodic deathmetal on the debutalbum "Holy Target" (1998) but decided to cross over to thrash metal. "Not Dead Yet" (1999) made the german veterans in Destruction so impressed that they decided to take Raise Hell with them on a European tour. On the third album "Wicked Is My Game" (2002) the transition to thrash was complete and the album is their most impressive so far. In spite of this the frontman Jonas Nilsson chose to concentrate on his guitar and the band was completed with a singer, earlier in the heavy metal-band Driftaway, and we who saw this line-up play at Wacken Open Air have high hopes for the next album. The album is titled "City Of The Damned" and will be out May 19th. We already now that they deliver live.
Line-up: Jimmy Fjällendal (vocals), Jonas Nilsson (guitars), Niklas Sjöström (bass), Dennis Ekdahl (drums)

Just saw them for two songs and both were from the debutalbum, and it was too close to punk for me.
No Rating since I only heard two songs.

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They started under the name The Golden Gate Rhythm Section, but from a roadie they got the more commercial name Journey before the selftitled debut in 1975. On the fourth album "Infinity" they strengthened the vocalsection with the frontman Steve Perry, and went from the more jazzoriented rock to a more straightforward AOR and got their first platinum. Journey became one of highest regarded AOR-bands. 1981 keyboardist Jonathan Cain (from british The Babys) joined the line-up and they delivered their biggest album ever, "Escape". The follow-up "Frontiers" was kept away from the top-spot on the USA-chart only by a stubborn Michael Jackson. After some years of struggle and line-up changes they split-up. In 1996 they made a comeback with the great album "Trial By Fire", but since the "old" singer couldn't (or wouldn't) go out on the road they decided to bring in new "GREAT" vocalist Steve Augeri and drummer Dean Castronovo (ex Bad English). When latest album "Generations" saw the light of day last year Journey had sold over 41 miljon albums. The Sweden Rock concert will be the only performance in Scandinavia.
Line-up: Steve Augeri (vocals), Neal Schon (guitar), Jonathan Cain (keys), Ross Valory (bass), Deen Castronovo (drums)

Backstage me and Ted met all the members from one of my favorite bands Journey. The singer Steve Augeri 
and the drummer Deen Castronovo thought that my son was SO CUTE, and he really is.
They signed a couple of things for my son, including the latest album Generations.
I have met them once before, 1998 in Portland, Oregon on their first tour with Steve Augeri.
After that we had dinner so I only heard a bit of Porcupine Tree, and didn't see Leaf Hound or Easy Action. 
Then after that we ran into my cousin Lars. I didn't even know he was there. 

Tracklist: (20.00-21.22)
Faith In The Heartland
Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
 solo Neal Schon (Für Elise ?)
Stone In Love
Wheel In The Sky
Only The Young
The Place In Your Heart
Mystery Mountain (Jon Cain vocals, Steve guitar)
Where Were You (Deen Castronovo vocals) Great
Mother, Father (Deen Castronovo vocals) Even more great
Open Arms
Keep On Runnin'
Don't Stop Believin'
Any Way You Want It
Be Good To Yourself

Encore: (21.25-21.36)
Edge Of The Blade (covered by Jorn Lande on Starfire in 2000)
Who's Crying Now

Great show, 7 songs from Escape and since that is my favorite album of all time, you can understand I liked it. 
And only one song from my least favorite album Raised On Radio, perfect. 

Steve Augeri was without a doubt the best vocalist at the festival. I might have to re-write my Top 10 Vocalists. 
My former favorites Freddie Mercury (Queen) and Geoff Tate (Queensryche) might have to move down a bit. 
Freddie died 15 years ago (in November) and don't stand a chance to fight back, Geoff Tate has lost some of his 
great voice and Steve Augeri still manages to surprise me, even though I have seen him 7 times now. 

The only things I have to complain about is that they keep playing Only The Young which I think is the only week 
song in the set and that they didn't play any songs from Trial By Fire or Arrival. 
They usually end with We Will Meet Again in the USA, this might mean that they don't expect to come back to Sweden. 

The drummer Deen Castronovo sang two songs great, the third "vocalist" Jon Cain only got to sing one song and that 
was Mystery Mountain from Journey's debut album from 1975. Normally Jon sings two songs and usually better songs like 
Feeling That Way, Just The Same Way and/or Anytime from the fourth and fifth albums Infinity and Evolution. 
Due to being forced to a shorter set this time, they chose to cut one of Jon's songs and since Steve and Deen are 
even better singers I won't complain about that.

Highlight: Mother, Father, since it is one of my favorite songs and this was the first time I heard it live. 
Then on top of that Deen Castronovo sang it just as good as Steve Perry ever did. 

Rating: 5- (- because they didn't play any songs from Trial By Fire or Arrival)

Official Website / My own personal Journey website


George Thorogood & The Destroyers

"Bad To The Bone" is probably the song most people think of when they hear about George Thorogood. This american bluesguitarist have done much more. His first record came in 1977, influenced by blueslegends like Howlin' Wolf, Hound Dog Taylor and Muddy Waters. In 1982 George Thorogood & The Destoyers were on a high with the beforementioned hitsong, that even had a video being played on MTV. The song is featured heavily in the motion picture Christine, from a book by Stephen King and was even in the barscene in "Terminator 2: Judgement Day". George and his band was touring with ZZ Top, Allman Brothers and Steve Miller, but have also headlined many bluesfestivals and has done over 3000 concerts. In 2004 the album "30th Anniversary Tour Live In Europe" was released.
Line-up: George Thorogood (vocals, guitar), ? (guitar), ? (bass), ? (drums)

Before going to meet Steve Morse I stopped by to see two songs with George Thorogood. 
Even though I saw two of the best songs, Get A Haircut & Bad To The Bone, it was still bad. 
Thorogood is old and tired and maybe it is time to retire. 

Official Website



Seattle-based Nevermore was ironically discovered by american producer Neil Kernon, more known for his melodic productions with (among others) Kansas, Streets, Michael Bolton, Brand X and Queensryche. He heard the bands early demos, offered his services and helped to get Century Media Records on the hook. Nevermore actually belongs in a harder, faster and more technical department. This is proven not only on the latest album "This Godless Endeavor". Complex, fast and hard, but still highly melodic. The singer Warrel Dane is still running the show and by his side he has among others, the highly technical guitarist Steve Smyth that earlier played in Testament. But Smyth did not play this show.
Line-up: Warrel Dane (vocals), ? (guitar), Jeff Loomis (guitar), Jim Sheppard (bass), Van Williams (drums)

My cousin told me that Nevermore had an intro taken from a Loreena McKennitt song.
I missed the whole show while waiting for and meeting Steve Morse. 

Official Website


Deep Purple

If there is any band at Sweden Rock worthy to represent classic hardrock it must be Deep Purple. With the worlds most famous riffs you get pretty far and to line up classics like "Smoke On The Water", "Highway Star", "Burn", "Child In Time" and "Fireball" feels almost unneccessary. Ian Gillan became 60 last August but he still delivers. The latest album "Rapture Of The Deep", proves that these men still exist in hardrocks first division. Nowadays they make big changes in the setlist from time to time which they also did at Sweden Rock 2006.
Line-up: Ian Gillan (vocals), Steve Morse (guitar), Roger Glover (bass), Ian Paice (drums), Don Airey (keys)

When I arrived at the festival with my four year old son Ted, we picked up the backstage passes. 

Billy Greer had finally reached Steve Morse so Steve had put me and my son on the guestlist.
Since Deep Purple was the headliner and was playing as late as 11.30 pm, Ted had to go to our 
hotel with my parents who had followed to "baby-sit" Ted during the late hours of the festival.

Before the show I went backstage to meet Steve Morse, he was nice but quite busy.
This was a highlight for me so I got a little nervous and didn't remember all the questions that 
I wanted to ask him, but I did ask him a thing that I know Billy Greer would like to know as well.
-Do you think there is a possibility for an appearance on the next Seventh Key album ?
His answer was "I have already been on one, and they didn't use it all", which made me realize 
that there might exist more Seventh Key songs with Morse, that have not yet surfaced.

Then I reminded Steve that he actually had called me in 1998, after I had left him a message at 
his hotel in Stockholm where he was playing later that night, and he answered "Yes I remember, 
it was an expensive call, since it was to a mobile". I didn't really get if he was joking or not.

He signed a couple of things, among others the german bootleg of Monolith with Morse & Greer on the 
cover, that Billy Greer signed "They owe me money!" a couple of years ago. Morse added "Me two !!?".

Since he enjoys listening to Enya, I gave him a CD by a friend of mine, Loreena McKennitt, who also 
is influenced by celtic themes, but who I think is way, way, better. Loreena can sing live as well.

By a coincidence I later heard that the band Nevermore (who actually played on another stage when 
I was talking to Steve Morse) had an intro taken from a Loreena McKennitt song.

Then Steve's guitar technician rushed me along and the chat was over. 
Hopefully not the last one though. 30 minutes later it was concert time.

Tracklist: (23.28-0.45)
 intro video (cases being rolled in, all members climbing up from case marked BAND)
Pictures of Home
Things I Never Said
Rapture Of The Deep
Strange Kind of Woman
 solo Morse
When A Blind Man Cries
 solo Airey /
 solo Airey (Mr. Crowley & Star Wars among other things)
Perfect Strangers
Space Truckin'
 jam Morse/Glover/Paice /
Highway Star
 intro Morse /
Smoke On The Water

Encore: (0.46-0.56)
No (sing along/made-up song "I had too much to drink, sex, fun ...")
 intro Glover
Black Night

Sadly Gillan's voice is not what it used to be, but he manages quite well (better than Joe Elliott and Coverdale).
Especially during Fireball Gillan showed what is lacking in the vocal department.
New addition Don Airey did an amazing show, he has taken over some of the spotlight that earlier was given to Morse. 
Morse used to have many more minutes of solos but I didn't mind that, I don't need solos to appreciate Morse, 
he shines plenty within the actual songs. I overheard many people at the festival saying there was too much keyboard 
solos but I disagree. I think it was perfect, a few intros and one longer solo but that was very varied and not at all 
boring. It included many different musical styles, even classical.

Highlight: Perfect Strangers with Airey solo as intro
or rather the highlight was meeting Steve Morse, the show was actually one of the least good shows I have seen 
with Deep Purple since Steve Morse joined. The main reason for this was that it was shorter than usual so a lot 
of great songs were left out.

Rating: 4- (- because of the short set, they could have played longer since they were headlining)

See photo of my meeting with Don Airey at SRF 2001 and some reviews of old Purple shows

Sadly I didn't have a camera to take any photos but I met Steve Morse a short while after the show as well together 
with Roger Glover and Don Airey. Steve Morse gave me a couple of picks for my 4-year old son, Ted.

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Cloudscape from Helsingborg is a relatively new star in the melodic-progressive metalsky. The five-piece's selftitled debut was released around christmas 2004 and the follow-up "Crimson Skies" came out June 3. The first album was liked by the critics and some fans came long distances for Cloudscapes first gig abroad on the ProgPower Europe festival in Holland on Oct 2, 2005. It can be future international melodic metalheroes on display at SRF!
Line-up: Mike Andersson (vocals), Björn Eliasson (guitar), Patrik Svärd (guitar), Hans Persson (bass), Roger Landin (drums)

Aqua 275 (from debut)
Will We Remain (from latest album)
Shapeshifter (from latest album)
Everyday Is Up To You (from debut)
In These Walls (from debut)
Under Fire (from debut)

This was a fresh newcomer, that my son Ted also liked. He was jumping and headbanging but after a few songs he got tired. 
Maybe I got a bit tired too, but it was good enough to make me want to check out some of their albums.

Rating: 3

Official Homepage / myspace


Jaded Heart

"The best album they've done, ever" did critic Erik Thompson say about melodic rock outfit Jaded Hearts latest album "Helluva Time" in Sweden Rock Magazine #31. Quite surpring one could say, since the band had parted with their frontman Michael Bormann for their seventh album. Both fans and critics seem to be united in saying that the new album is stunning and that the germans finally might be on the way for a breakthrough after 15 years. Strongly recommended for fans of early Bon Jovi and german band like Bonfire and Fair Warning. This will be the first swedish show for "new" swedish singer (from Scudiero). Since the split with earlier guitarist, songwriter Barish Kepic, they got a temporary replacement, Peter Östros, on guitar for the spring tour. On May 30, JH announced that Peter was chosen as the permanent guitarist and the show at Sweden Rock Festival became the first show as official guitarist. Earlier temporary guitarist, Fred Leclercq, played the same festival with DragonForce.
Line-up: Johan Fahlberg (lead vocals), Michael Müller (bass), Axel Kruse (drums), Henning Wanner (keys, vocals), Peter Östros (guitar, temporary)

Tracklist: (14.51-15.34)
Tomorrow Comes
The Journey Will Never End
Trust Me (?)
Paid My Dues
Shores Of Paradise (?)
Feels Like Home

Highlight: Mülli switched bass before Anymore. The Dean bass made Anymore the highlight of the show. Very heavy.

Rating: 3+

Official Homepage / See review of an earlier show at United Forces Of Rock


Metal Church

Metal Church was at the beginning the name for guitarrist Kurdt Vanderhoofs apartment. It was given that name because Kurdt and his friends used to pray at his heavy metal-altar. They later became one of the founders within the american melodic thrash. 1984 they debuted on the small label Ground Zero, the album was re-released by Elektra the year after. The follow-up "The Dark" would soon be ranked as one of the highlights of the 80's in the genre. Albums have come with odd intervals over the years and Kurdt have even released albums with Vanderhoof, Trans Siberian Orchestra and Presto Ballet. In 2003 they re-formed and released "Weight Of The World", and proved that they still deliver high-class metal.
Line-up: Ronny Munroe (vocals), Kurdt Vanderhoof (guitar), Jay Reynolds (guitar), Steve Unger (bass), Jeff Plate (drums)

Some of the tracks:
The Dark
Cradle To Grave
Gods of Wrath "We're going into the first album"
Beyond The Black

Highlight: Beyond The Black (opening cut on the debut album)

Rating: 3

Official Homepage



Sweden Rock got a distinguished visit by Dr. X and his authors. One of the most influential bands within the majestic, melodic and slightly progressive hardrock, Queenr˙che, played the festival. Sadly without one of the founders, Chris De Garmo, that left the band in 1997, (except for a short 2003 stint). This year also saw the release of "Operation: Mindcrime II" and this became a special show that took us through (almost) the complete story, both part 1 and 2, with an actor on stage together with Geoff and Pamela playing the parts of Nikki and sister Mary. The band is said to have been a catalyst for the nowadays dominant power metal-wave, which the earlier mentioned classic album proves. Queensr˙che released their first demo in 1982, a recording that started a strong undergroundfollowing which led to the independent 206 Records release of the bands debut-EP. EMI were not slow to snatch them up and the rest is history.
Line-up: Geoff Tate (lead vocals), Michael Wilton (guitar), Mike Stone (guitar, vocals), Eddie Jackson (bass, vocals), Scott Rockenfield (drums), Pamela Moore (lead vocals)

The keyboardplayer for Jaded Heart, Herman "Wanna" Wanner was up on the side of the stage for almost the whole show, 
cheering for Queensryche. He seemed to enjoy the show more than most people. 

Tracklist: (16.30-17.55)
I Remember Now
Revolution Calling
Operation: Mindcrime
Spreading The Disease
Suite Sister Mary
The Needle Lies
Breaking The Silence
I Don't Believe In Love
I'm American
One Foot In Hell
The Hands
Signs Say Go
Murderer? (Ties up a guy in a chair and shoots him)
If I Could Change It All
An Intentional Confrontation (Pamela Moore rules)
I Remember Now
Eyes Of A Stranger (Nikki in straightjacket in a wheelchair)
Jet City Woman
 "Thank You Sweden Rock"
 "Thank You Sweden"

Only seven words spoken by Geoff during the whole show.
They had 5 minutes left for an encore, but chose not to do that. Very disappointing. 
They could have ended with Take Hold Of The Flame, Queen Of The Reich or better yet, The Lady Wore Black.
Then they might have got a 4 rating, which they should be able to get with all their great material. 

Highlights: Eyes Of A Stranger and An Intentional Confrontation

Rating: 3

See this album poll, RockReport.be quite impressive !!!

Official Homepage / My own personal Queensr˙che website



Line-up: ? (vocals), ? (guitar), ? (bass), ? (drums), ? (keys), ? (background vocals), ? (background vocals)

Tracklist (friday): (18.33-19.02)
Tie Your Mother Down
I Want It All
I Want To Break Free
Stone Cold Crazy
Show Must Go On
Radio Ga Ga
We Will Rock You
Bohemian Rhapsody (without the opera section)
We Are The Champions

Rating: 3++

And the winner was: Queer. 
The day after, Queer was asked to play another set, and a member from last years winners Ozzy The Coverband presented.

Tracklist (saturday): (17.13-17.45)
Intro / One Vision
I Want It All
Under Pressure
Show Must Go On
Don't Stop Me Now
Stone Cold Crazy
Somebody To Love
Another One Bites The Dust
We Will Rock You
We Are The Champions

The singer had another wig for this set with longer hair closer to the 70's look.
The fat background vocalist destroyed Show Must Go On and the lead vocalist also made a couple of mistakes.

Rating: 3



The band's seventh effort "The Black Halo" was released in 2005. The first leg of the Black Halo World Tour took them to Europe and Japan. This second leg was actually meant to be an American Tour but some European dates were put in before. Keyboarder Oliver Palotai became the fifth official band member as late as October 5th 2005. On an earlier tour they had the help from keyboardplayer Günter Werno from Vanden Plas.
Line-up: Roy Khan (vocals), Thomas Youngblood (guitar), Glenn Barry (bass), Casey Grillo (drums), Oliver Palotai (keys, guitar)

Surprised me by being a great band almost in the same vein as two of my favorite bands, Royal Hunt & Symphony X. 
I will surely catch a couple of their albums to learn more about them. 

Highlight: March of Mephisto (the encore, with great looking firecascades)

Rating: 4

Official Homepage

Symphony X

Mix the technically complicated components of a playful Dream Theater with the neoclassical moods that can be found in Stratovarius, the hard, aggressive riffs in Pantera and a pinch of grand filmmusic and you have american Symphony X. Most people into progressive metal agree that Symphony X are geniuses, both in creativity and performance. We who saw them at SRF 2001 or as support to Stratovarius in Sweden a couple of years ago will remember that they on top of their instrumentacrobatics also can put up a great show (in contrast to some other bands in the genre). That the frontman Russel Allen has one of the most charismatic voices in the business doesn't make it worse. The seventh studio album will come out soon, but did not come out before the festival and this might have been one of the resons why they cancelled. Althought appearantly Michael Lepond was due for surgery.
Line-up: Russell Allen (vocals), Michael Romeo (guitar), Michael Pinnella (keys), Michael Lepond (bass), Jason Rullo (drums)

Official Website



The most classic black metal-band in the world have returned. The band that actually coined the phrase on their second album "Black Metal"! As if that wasn't enough they released a new album at the end of march. The new album is titled, humurous or not, "Metal Black". Venom are back in black!
Line-up: Cronos (vocals, bass), Mykvs (guitar), Antton (drums)

Couldn't wait to hear "7 Gates of Hell" and "Manitou" live. I used to scare people with those tracks in the 80's. 
Venom had a slot of 1 hour and 30 minutes, but sadly they were 27 minutes late on stage, terrible.
So we were forced to look at 42 !!!! Marshall stacks for over 30 minutes. 
This also meant that I only had 18 minutes before Vanden Plas, instead of the 45 minutes that I wanted to hear.

Tracklist: (20.27-)
Intro (thunder) / "From The Darkest Depths Of Hell, Venom"
Witching Hour (weak fireworks)
Die Hard
Welcome To Hell
Blood Lust (with fireworks)

After Bloodlust I had to go over to see Vanden Plas.
Sad not to be able to hear if they were going to play Manitou, or not.

Highlight: Not really, but Witching Hour still has something. 

Official Homepage



Another major reunion takes place at Sweden Rock Festival. A couple of years ago it was Captain Beyond. Carmine Appice, Tim Bogert and Jim McCarty from the original line-up that debuted in 1970. The original vocalist Rusty Day has sadly left us. The new singer is also working with Rick Ventura of Riot in the band Love Train.
Line-up: Jim McCarty (guitar), Tim Bogert (bass), Carmine Appice (drums), Jimmy Kunes (vocals)

The Tim Bogert Site


Vanden Plas

German Vanden Plas was formed back in 1985 and debuted with the single "Raining In My Heart", then in a more traditional melodic metal-vein. Further on they started to show interest in rockopera and musically they moved towards the progressive side. The new album "Christo" (based on "The Count of Monte Christo") is a brilliant example of how they mix melodic hardrock with symphonic/progressive touches and the theatrical. Keyboardplayer Günter Werno was earlier touring with Kamelot although still a member of Vanden Plas.
Line-up: Andy Kuntz (vocals), Stephan Lill (guitar), Günter Werno (keys), Torsten Reichert (bass), Andreas Lill (drums)

I saw almost the whole set except going over to listen to the first song by The Poodles. Since it was crowded in 
the tent and the sound was no good standing outside, I went back to Vanden Plas and that was a good choice. 
Andy Kuntz really surprised me with having a great voice, up in the Top 5 at the festival.

Highlight: Rainmaker, that they played late in the set after my cousin had gone over to Evergrey.

Official Homepage


The Poodles

OK, this is not the first time an artist from the "melodifestival" have played at Sweden Rock. Remember Jan Johansen! that played with Ignition a couple of years ago. (And maybe Lordi and Wig Wam will attend the festival sometime as well) The Poodles naturally plays hardrock, the melodic kind and with the 80's touch. The line-up is famous swedish faces like Jake Samuel (The Ring, Jekyll & Hyde, Treasure Land), Pontus Norgren (The Ring, Great King Rat, Talisman) and Pontus Egberg (Lion's Share, Ignition (with Jan Johansen), Zan Clan). Their debutalbum is titled "Metal Will Stand Tall" and was released May 10th. Saw them doing an acoustic gig later in the summer.
Line-up: Jakob Samuel (lead vocals), Pontus Norgren (guitar, vocals), Pontus Egberg (bass, vocals), Christian Lundqvist (drums)

The Poodles did a 'Venom' and thought they were so good that they could start late (7 minutes).
Just heard the first song (first song on the album too), before going back to Vanden Plas.
After Vanden Plas I got back to hear the end of the set, with drum solo and Euro Song "One Night Of Passion".
I waited for the encore since I thought it might be something fun. But I never imagined Fear Of The Dark. 

Encore: (22.01-22.12)
Fear Of The Dark (Iron Maiden)
Run To The Hills (Iron Maiden)
We Are The Champions (Queen)
 "Kom igen, min morsa sjunger högre än så där"
 "Kom igen, jag vill att W.A.S.P ska höra er, Blackie Lawless imponeras inte av det där"
outro (Tryin' Dyin', Closing the ...)

Highlight: Of course, Fear Of The Dark, which is one of my favorite Iron Maiden songs as well. 

Official Homepage



Blackie Lawless and his W.A.S.P. is "back by popluar demand". The band was formed 1982 and within a year they sold-out Santa Monica Civic Hall that took 3000 people. Last year brought us "Neon God", a story in two parts and something like a follow-up to the concept album "The Crimson Idol". On stage has the blood been replaced by other means of theatrical expression. Appearantly they now have Dee Snider's and Angels "old" manager Daniel Stanton. W.A.S.P. brought in drummer Patrik Johansson to replace the recently departed Stet Howland for an American tour in Feb/Mar. Swedish-born, Johansson has played with Yngwie Malmsteen and Stormwind. It's not yet official if he will play at Sweden Rock as well.
Line-up: Blackie Lawless (vocals, guitar), Darrell Roberts (guitar), Mike Duda (bass), Patrik Johansson ? (drums)

Official Homepage



Line-up: Tom S. Englund (vocals, guitar), Henrik Danhage (guitar), Michael Håkansson (bass), Jonas Ekdahl (drums), Rikard Zander (keyboards)

The Official Home


Def Leppard

The third headliner for Sweden Rock is the classic band from Sheffield - Def Leppard! In 1979 the EP "Getcha Rocks Off" was released in 1000 copies on the small label Bludgeon Riffola, a record that the band paid for themselves with the enormous amount Ŗ148,50. After some re-releases the number had risen to 24 000 copies and the band had been picked up by Phonogram. The debut "On Through The Night" came as a bomb in the midst of the NWOBHM and suddenly they were supporting major acts like Judas Priest, Ted Nugent, Scorpions and AC/DC. The third album, "Pyromania", riveted up the charts and before 1984 it had sold over 9 miljon copies and had been on the american chart for the insane amount of time of 92 weeks. They reached platinum after only ten weeks! Many unlucky events coincided to delay the follow-up "Hysteria" and it wasn't 'til the second single "Pour Some Sugar On Me" that things started to happen. But after two years it had sold 15 miljon copies. The fifth album "Adrenalize" went straight in at first spot on the american chart, but the following albums "Slang", "Euphoria" and "X" from 2002 have not made the same impact. On May 23 their new album "Yeah!" was released, which is a collection of covers.
Line-up: Joe Elliott (vocals), Phil Collen (guitar), Vivian Campbell (guitar), Rick Savage (bass), Rick Allen (drums)

Terrible vocals by Joe Elliott.

Met Phil Collen once after a Queensr˙che gig in London

Highlight: None, really.

Rating: 2

Official Homepage




"Hard And Heavy", "Metal On Metal", "Forged In Fire" and "Pound For Pound" are all classic metal-albums. Fourth album were Strength of Steel, 6th Worth the Weight, 7th Plugged in Permanent, 8th Absolutely No Alternative, 9th Speed Of Sound, 10th Plenty Of Power and 11th Still Going Strong. In 2004 the 12th album "Back To Basics" was released which showed that Lips don't just talk, but also delivers. Appearantly the performance by Anvil at last years Motala Metal Festival was well over expectations. Tracks like "Jackhammer", "Forged in fire" and "666" were some of the highlights. True metal is spelled Anvil. There is going to be a new album released early 2007, tentatively titled "This Is Thirteen", recordings are finished, mixes still to go. The album is produced by Chris Tsangarides.
Line-up: Steve "Lips" Kudlow (vocals, guitar), Ivan Hurd (guitar), Glenn "Five" Gyorffy (bass), Robb Reiner (drums)

Tracklist: (12.??-13.14)
666 (from Metal On Metal)
School Love (from debut)
 "Next song is about Ian Dickson (old bass player) and his bangin' tendencies"
Jackhammer (from Metal On Metal)
Forged In Fire
Winged Assassins "1, 2, 1, 2, Fuck You"
Smokin' Green (from Plugged In Permanent)
Race Against Time (from Still Going Strong)
Computer Drone (from Plenty Of Power)
White Rhino with Drum Solo (from Still Going Strong)
 "There is one thing Canada & Sweden have in common, Hockey. You always seem to kick our ass, I don't know.
 Maybe you like hockey more than we do. I like the fights. Tod Bertucci is a good fighter or should I say hockeyplayer"
Blood On The Ice (from Pound For Pound)
Mothra (from Metal On Metal) "From the land of Japan"
Metal On Metal (with sing along) (from Metal On Metal)

Highlights: School Love & Computer Drone (and the fact that Lips still plays Flying-V)

Rating: 3

Official Homepage



One of my three biggest guitarheroes, together with Ted Nugent and Steve Morse, and they are all at Sweden Rock!!! Michael Schenker started his career 1970 in Scorpions but left after the debut "Lonesome Crow" to find a home in british UFO. In UFO he helped create classic albums like "Phenomenon", "Lights Out", "Obsession" and "Strangers In The Night". Then he left UFO and built himself a great rumour as a soloartist with his band MSG or Michael Schenker Group, which also had the name McAuley Schenker Group for the period when Robin McAuley was the vocalist. From time to time he has been back with UFO again, (and the concert in 1998 was absolutely brilliant) but now it is his solo stuff that is in focus. Just check the title of his webpage! The Tales Of Rock'n'Roll World Tour 2006 starts in Istanbul on May 4. My hopes were that he concentrates on his MSG stuff and don't play the same UFO songs, I've heard those before.
Line-up: Michael Schenker (guitar), Jari Tiura (vocals), Wayne Findley (guitar, keys), Rev Jones (bass), Pete Holmes (drums)

It started OK with two good songs. The finnish singer sounded almost like Graham Bonnet. 
Then already the third song was a UFO-song and Jari destroyed it. It didn't work at all.
From that moment on, the singer was sounding worse and worse.
After 5-6 songs I was getting ready to leave when swedish singer Leif Sundin was introduced. 
Glad I stayed, he did a great job. And from what I hear, Leif might be on his way back to M. S. G.
On the next song Jari came back and it was another UFO song and then I left. 

Tracklist: (13.34-)
Assault Attack (?)
Ready To Rock
Let It Roll (UFO)
Dust To Dust (Tales Of Rock'n'Roll)
Love Trade
Shadow Lady
Angel Of Avalon (with Leif Sundin)
Lights Out (UFO)
Too Hot To Handle (UFO)

On the way out I heard another UFO song. Can't understand why he keep on playing those.

Highlight: Angel Of Avalon (with Leif Sundin)

Rating: 3

Michael Schenker Himself / See review of an earlier show at Sweden Rock



Blitzkrieg only released the cultsingle "Buried Alive" c/w "Blitzkrieg" and was included on a collection before they split-up in december 1981 but is still mentioned in the front of "the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal". The band got extra attention when Metallica released a cover of the track "Blitzkrieg" in the mid 80's and in 1990 they were re-formed by singer and leader Brian Ross. Since then they have released several high class albums, like "Unholy Trinity", "Mists of Avalon", "Absolute Power" and the latest album "Sins & Greed". Blitzkrieg played a festival in Motala in 2002 so this is their second performance in Sweden.
Line-up: Brian Ross (vocals), Guy Laverick (guitar), Ken Johnson (guitar), Paul Brewis (bass), Phil Brewis (drums)

Official Website



Edguy is a band that has been on many peoples wishlist. Many things has definitely happened since the germans debut with "Savage Poetry" in 1995. The album "Theater Of Tragedy" (1999) went in on the swedish chart and they have been known to tour even up in Scandinavia. The latest album "Rocket Ride", that was released in january this year, is definitely an album that strengthen Edguy's status in the german melodic metal genre!
Line-up: Tobias Sammet (vocals), Dirk Sauer (guitar), Jens Ludwig (guitar), Tobias Exxel (bass), Felix Bohnke (drums)

Official Homepage


The Sweet

The classic glamrockers The Sweet is kept alive by guitarist Andy Scott, who has managed to surround himself with people that can deliver the old hits with conviction. The Sweet started as pop with hits like "Poppa Joe" and "Co-Co", but later turned it up a notch with tracks like "Hellraiser", "Blockbuster" and "Teenage Rampage". After that they left the writersduo Chinn and Chapman to go for a rougher sound and image, that showed itself on classic "Sweet Fanny Adams". At their peak during the 70's, the band sold the impressive amount of 50 miljon albums. That Sweet was huge even in Sweden was proven by the fact that live/best of-album "Strung Up" went to number four in the charts, and the follow-up "Give Us a Wink" to number three. Brian Connolly and Mick Tucker are sadly gone, but Andy Scott is not. In january this year singer Tony O'Hora (ex Praying Mantis) left the band and was replaced by Tony Mills from the band Shy for two shows in Denmark. Mills have already left The Sweet and they are still looking for a replacement. To save the summer shows, they have got Tony O'Hora back temporarily!!
Line-up: Andy Scott (guitar), Tony O'Hora (vocals, bass), Steve Grouts ? (keyboards, guitar, vocals), Bruce Bisland ? (drums)

I left the tent that got crowded with hysterical football maniacs and came to the Sweden Stage and was 
very glad to see Tony O'Hora come out on stage. Excellent singer that also delivered.
This was appearantly The Sweet's first festival in Sweden for 10 years, which Andy Scott was sorry for.
Andy also mentioned that he had been touring for 36 years.

Right before Poppa Joe, Tony said "I can't believe I'm playing this fucking song" and after it was played, 
he added "We never played it, You never sung it". Sorry Tony, even though you told me not to tell anybody.

Tracklist: (18.02-19.33)
Hell Raiser
The Six Teens
Everything (from Sweet Life, 2003 album)
Co - Co / Funny Funny / Poppa Joe
Wig-Wam Bam / Little Willy
Teenage Rampage
Love Is Like Oxygen / (synth with Abba, Let It Be & E.L.P.)
Fox On The Run

Encore: (19.35-19.45)
Set Me Free
 "If you can sing louder than me, then we'll play it"
The Ballroom Blitz

There was too many pop songs from the early 70's, and too few songs from the great mid 70's.
I missed Turn It Down, Restless, Sweet FA & No You Don't among others.

Highlight: Tony O'Hora, second best singer at the festival (after Steve Augeri), even beating Geoff Tate.
But on the other hand, I never saw The Quill, maybe Magnus Ekwall was even better, I don't know.
If I was to choose what song that was best, I would say Set Me Free.

Official Website / The Sweet Website / Swedish Sweet site


The Quill

The Quill has a longer history than most people know. From Quil and melodic hardrock in the late 80's, to the The Quill as a 70's band in the 90's up until todays heavy groove. And the vocalist is surely one of Sweden's finest. The 2003 album "Hooray It's A Deathtrip", their first release on german SPV, gets it's follow-up this year. The new album is titled "In Triumph" and regarding the old albums, this title will surely not be inappropriate.
Line-up: Magnus Ekwall (vocals), Christian Carlsson (guitar), Robert Triches (bass), Jolle Atlagic (drums)

Actually I saw The Quill at Studion in Stockholm way back in 1995, together with Leif Edling's Abstract Algebra. 
But I have no memory from that show and I missed this show since I was watching The Sweet. 
I had thought of going to see both but Tony O'Hora was so good that I didn't want to leave. 
I guess I will get more chances to see The Quill. 

Official Website


Ted Nugent

The Motorcity Madman himself - Ted Nugent - did a splendid performance at Sweden Rock Festival four years ago. Then he heard that my son was named Ted after him. My son Ted was even backstage at Sweden Rock only 5 weeks old. This will be the sixth time in nine years that I see "Nuge". This time around he had a different backing band, than he have had the last couple of years.
This is how Ted comments his summertour on his website (it says it all, doesn't it): "The unstoppable gravity defying Ted Nugent American dream R&B&R&R Full Bluntal Nugity ballistic BBQ outrage shock & awe rockout! Join Uncle Ted, Barry & Mick for the continuing saga of the whackmasters uninhibited primal scream celebration of sheer defiance & over the top irreverant fun. Enjoy the virtuosity or simply come to lose weight & get nuts! Ya cant do this in France!"
Line-up: Ted Nugent (vocals, guitar), Barry Sparks (bass), Mick Brown (drums) (ex Dokken)

Tracklist: (20.02-21.19)
Wango Tango / Klstrphnky (ending)
Snakeskin Cowboys / Klstrphnky (ending)
Wang Dang Sweet Poontang / jam
 "This is a Detroit Country & Western Love Song"
Rawdogs & Warhogs
 "Sweden Rock'n'Roll Get Down"
Soul Man / Hey Baby (Sparks vocals)
Dog Eat Dog
Still Alive And Well (Brand New Song) "No Shit"
Motor City Madhouse / Baby Please Don't Go
 "My momma was born in Sweden"
 "That's pure Motor City Shit, right here"
Cat Scratch Fever / Klstrphnky (ending)
 "I love myself, I can hardly stand myself"

Encore: (21.20-21.28)
Great White Buffalo

Sparks was OK as bassplayer, but not nearly as good on vocals as Marco Mendoza 
who has sung Hey Baby the last couple of years.
Sadly no Fred Bear, no Bow & Arrow and of course no buffalo (as in the USA)

Highlight: Dog Eat Dog, very heavy and the surprising cover of Soul Man.

Official Website / My own personal Ted Nugent website / The Official Website of Barry Sparks


Alice Cooper

Alice has recently released a new DVD, and his latest album is titled "Dirty Diamonds". Alice was touring the states with Deep Purple in february with bandmembers Ryan Roxie (Slash's Snakepit), Eric Singer (Kiss, Badlands), Chuck Garrick and Damon Johnson (Brother Cane, John Waite). Now it seems that Ryan has left.
Line-up: Alice Cooper (vocals), Keri Kelli (guitar), Damon Johnson (guitar), Chuck Garric (bass), Eric Singer (drums)

No comments, wasn't good enough. The encore with Poison says it all. He has lost it completely. 

Rating: 2

Have met Alice Cooper twice, first time in connection to a Queensr˙che gig in London in 1986.
Second time was at Johanneshov in Stockholm in 2001.

Official Site



Treat have recently released "Weapons Of Choice", a collection with 16 remastered tracks from their 5 albums, completed with two new tracks "Go!" and "I burn for you", and one unreleased "Still in heaven".
Line-up: Robban Ernlund (vocals), Anders "Gary" Wikström (guitar), Jaimie Borger (drums), Patrik Appelgren (?), Nalle Pålsson (bass)

Had a few minutes in between bands but decided NOT to see Treat. 
I was so tired of them in the 80's and didn't want to be disappointed yet another time. 


Celtic Frost

Zürich-based Celtic Frost was formed 1984. Guitarist and singer Tom G. Warrior used to be in the band Hellhammer. Celtic Frost debuted with the minialbum "Morbid Tales" and the follow-up was titled "To Mega Therion". After the rather odd release "Cold Lake", Celtic Frost returned to their plan with "Vanity/Nemesis". After the split in 1992 the band have now reformed. The new recording was first titled "Dark Matter Manifest" but is now renamed "Monotheist", and was released May 29th. Guitarist Erol Unala has recently left the band, and the new touring guitarist was announced May 26, as norwegian Anders Odden who has been playing with Apoptygma Berzerk, Satyricon, Cadaver and Mayhem. Anders played his first session with the group on April 24, 2006, and returned to Celtic Frost's base in Zurich, Switzerland in late May for final dedicated tour rehearsals. He is a lifelong Celtic Frost devotee.
Line-up: Tom Gabriel Fischer (vocals, guitar), Martin Eric Ain (bass), Anders Odden (guitar), Franco Sesa (drums)

Rating: 2+

Official Website / Listen to new track Ground



Once synonomous with british bluesrock, they shifted to a more easily accessable vein, but always with quality in mind and with classic singer David Coverdale in the lead. The 2006 version is with the exception of the new bassplayer the same outfit that played Sweden Rock Festival in 2003. This festival could have been complete with four of my favorite guitarplayers but sadly John Sykes is not still with them. The band have also released a new DVD "Live In the Still of the Night". All friends of truly classic hardrock, please welcome Whitesnake to Sweden Rock Festival 2006!
Line-up: David Coverdale (vocals), Doug Aldrich (guitar), Reb Beach (guitar), Timothy Drury (keys), Uriah Duffy (bass), Tommy Aldridge (drums)

Coverdale's voice was below average, it was only in the slow parts that you could still recognise him.
The opener Burn was rather tame, and the following Stormbringer was a lot worse than how Glenn Hughes 
did it a few years ago.

Slide It In
Love Ain't No Stranger
Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues
Love Hunter
Is This Love?
Cryin' In The Rain

After this I left the festival, Coverdale was a "shadow" of his former self.
Met my cousin Lena for 10 minutes during Whitesnake. On the way out I heard a bad version of Cryin' In The Rain.
Coverdale was surely walking in the shadow of the blues. Sad, really.

Highlight: None
Lowlight: Love Ain't No Stranger, with terrible vocals

Rating: 3- (3 for the songs and drummer, - for the vocals)

Official Website

I also attended the Kick Off in december just to be able to hear the
announcement of Journey as one of the bands at the festival.

Š 2006 Patrik Wikström

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