Biography Discography: Studio / Live / Compilations Other: Concerts / Fan Club / Merchandise / Articles / Homepages Line-up changes: Mark 1a (June 26, 1976-) Three-piece Guitar Brian Tatler, born Apr 25 (founding member) Drums Duncan Scott, born Feb 3 (founding member) Vocals Sean Harris, born Aug 15 (auditioned June 25, joined June 26) Mark 1b Guitar Brian Tatler Drums Duncan Scott Vocals Sean Harris Bass ??? Mark 1c Guitar Brian Tatler Drums Duncan Scott Vocals Sean Harris Bass ??? Mark 1d Guitar Brian Tatler Drums Duncan Scott Vocals Sean Harris Bass ??? Mark 1e (1978-June 1983) Guitar Brian Tatler Drums Duncan Scott Vocals Sean Harris Bass Colin Kimberley, born Nov 24, joined early 1978 (Diamond Head's fourth bassplayer) Mark 2a (Summer 1983) Guitar Brian Tatler Vocals Sean Harris Bass Mervyn Goldsworthy, born Jul 13, 1959 (ex Streetfighter, and a short time with Tygers of Pan Tang) Drums Robbie France (Jamie Lane was another drummer during the summer) Mark 2b (Aug 1983-1984) Guitar Brian Tatler Vocals Sean Harris Bass Mervyn "Merv" Goldsworthy (left to Samson, then formed FM, and then later The Slaves) Drums Robbie France Keyboards Josh Phillips-Gorse Mark 2c (1984-1985) Guitar Brian Tatler (formed Radio Moscow in 1985 with singer Ritch Battersby) Vocals Sean Harris (formed Notorious with Robin George) Drums Robbie France (went to play with U.F.O. during Misdemeanour, but left before Stockholm) Keyboards Josh Phillips-Gorse (went to play with Big Country) Bass David Williamson, born Oct 28, 1959 (have played with Midge Ure, and then with Birdcage) Mark 3a (1991) as Dead Reckoning Guitar Brian Tatler Vocals Sean Harris Drums Karl Wilcox Bass Eddie Chaos (Moohan) Mark 3b (1992-July 1993) Guitar Brian Tatler (went to play with Dizzy Lizzy, Jean Genie and Quill) Vocals Sean Harris Drums Karl Wilcox (went to play with Bloodroot) Bass Pete Vuckovic (formed Three Colours Red) Mark 4a (2000-2001) Guitar Brian Tatler Vocals Sean Harris Guitar Floyd Brennan Mark 4b (2002-) Guitar Brian Tatler Vocals Sean Harris Drums Karl Wilcox Bass Eddie Moohan Mark 5a (2003) Appeared at Wacken Festival 2003 Guitar Brian Tatler Drums Karl Wilcox Bass Eddie Moohan Vocals Jess Cox (ex Tygers Of Pan Tang) Mark 5b (2004) Guitar Brian Tatler Drums Karl Wilcox Bass Eddie Moohan Vocals Nick Tart Mark 5c (2005-) Guitar Brian Tatler Drums Karl Wilcox Bass Eddie Moohan Vocals Nick Tart Guitar Adrian Mills Studio Recordings The first single, released March 1980. Shoot Out The Lights 1980 8,15 Happy Face Records, MMDH 120 Shoot Out The Lights 4,10 Helpless 4,05 Recorded at The Old Smithy Recording Studios, Worchester The debut album, released 1980. (German pressing from 1984) Lightning To The Nations 1980 41,30 Woolfe Recs WR 9004 Lightning To The Nations 4,15 The Prince 6,26 Sucking My Love 9,30 Am I Evil 7,41 Sweet And Innocent 3,10 It's Electric 3,34 Helpless 6,54 Recorded at The Old Smithy Recording Studios, Worchester Looking for the original english pressing in a white cover, by Happy Face Records, MMDHLP 1015. The second single, released August 1980. Sweet And Innocent 1980 7,04 Media Records Sweet And Innocent 3,32 Streets Of Gold 3,32 The third single, released March 1981. (double A-side) Waited Too Long / Play It Loud 1981 6,58 DHM 004 Waited Too Long 3,30 Play It Loud 3,28 The fourth single, released in 12" August 1981. Diamond Lights 1981 DHM 005 Diamond Lights We Won't Be Back I Don't Got It's Electric (re-mix) Signed to MCA Records January 30th, 1982 The fifth single, released in 7" & 12" April 1982. Four Cuts including "Call Me" 1982 DHM 101 / DHMT 101 Call Me Trick Or Treat Dead Reckoning Shoot Out The Lights The sixth single, released in 7" (double) & 12" September 1982. In The Heat Of The Night 1982 11,08 DHMT 102 In The Heat Of The Night (full length) 4,56 Play It Loud (Live May '82) 6,12 There is supposedly a slightly different cover, with the title below the logo Click for pictures Also have the double single autographed (Click for big picture) In The Heat Of The Night 1982 DHM 102 / MSAM 23 (free single) In The Heat Of The Night (edit) Play It Loud (Live May '82) Sweet & Innocent (Live May '82) 14 min interview w/ Harris & Kimberley by Tommy Vance recorded June '82
Sleeve notes by Sean: One June day during the hot summer of ´76, I remember sitting at my desk at school when a guy I hardly knew (Brian), having heard of my rendition of 'Be Bop A Lula' on a recent school outing, came up and asked if I'd like to sing in a band with him and Dunc the drummer. I auditioned for this then unnamed band on the morning of June 25th with Brian on acoustic guitar and on the 26th I signed the contract during an English lesson! Over the following months, we found ourselves in Brian's bedroom playing our own compositions and recording them without a bass guitarist. This is where Colin came in. Colin was a friend of Brian's from Junior school and initially he came to play as a favour to us. Since then we've never looked back as this line up is, I believe, the definitive Diamond Head. Eventually we started touring and two years later supported AC/DC at the Mayfair, Newcastle and Gaumont, Southampton. Those two days changed everything for us. Then came the Geoff Barton interview and our first single "Shoot Out The Lights", the white label album and the single "Sweet And Innocent" were completed soon afterwards (and we made the records available at our gigs and on mail order by forming our own label). In 1980 we undertook our first nationwide tour, acquiring John and Andy as our personal road crew. Meanwhile, an endless (well almost) stream of A&R people from various record companies ended with us signing with MCA and this has provided us with our first real opportunity to put out vinyl nationally. This resulted in our 'Four Cuts' EP, this new single and forthcoming album, which we are working on at the moment. We are aiming to release the album in September and do a nationwide tour in October. P.S. We hope the inclusion of the 'Live' music can justify itself. See you in October. Sean

 The second album, released in October 1982. Also on Cassette.
Living On ..... Borrowed Time	1982		DH 1001
In the Heat of the night		4,58	
To Heaven from Hell				
Call me					3,50	
Lightning to the Nations		4,09	
Borrowed Time				7,40	
Don't you ever leave me				
Am I evil ?				7,22	
Cover illustration by Rodney Matthews. Sleeve concept by Sean Harris.

My copy of the album had this sticker, and included a poster

Appearantly they released Call Me as a two-track single in November 1982.

 The eighth single, released in 7" & 12" 1983.
Makin' Music			1983	10,29	DHM 103
Makin' Music				3,29	
Interview incl. To The Devil His Due	7,00	by Andy Peebles

 The eighth single, released in 7" & 12" 1983.
Makin' Music			1983	19,10	DHMT 103
Makin' Music				6,05	
Interview incl. To The Devil His Due	13,05	by Andy Peebles

 The third album, released in September 1983. Also on Cassette.
Canterbury			1983		DH 1002
Makin' Music				3,51	
Out Of Phase				3,33	
The Kingmaker					
One More Night					
To The Devil His Due			5,56	
Knight of the Swords				
Ishmael					4,00	
I Need Your Love				

Two other tracks, "Dudes" and "Sworn To Be" were recorded in the same session, but did not make the album.
Would have made first place on the Kerrang! album chart (as Living on Borrowed Time did) if not 
released the same week as Black Sabbath's Born Again and Rainbow's Bent Out Of Shape.
Passed Rainbow in the following chart, but still dropped to fourth place since new albums 
Kiss's Lick It Up and Waysted's Vices went in at number one and three.

 The ninth single, released in 7" & picture disc October 1983.
Out Of Phase			1983	8,05	DHM 104
Out Of Phase				3,50	
The Kingmaker				4,15	

 The tenth single, released in 12" 1983.
Sucking My Love			1983	12,55	DHMT 104
Sucking My Love (Live)			9,05	
Out Of Phase				3,50	

In January 1984, "Ishmael" was going to be released as a single, but it didn't happen.
The band were also preparing for a fourth album "Flight East", but at the end of January, 
Diamond Head was dropped from MCA Records, leaving them with no record contract.

The Rising Up single with "Wild On The Streets" & "Can't Help Myself" was released in November 1991.

 The fourth album, released in June 1993.
Death and Progress		1993	39,45	SOB CD 046
Starcrossed (Lovers of the Night)	4,28	Additional Guitars and End Solo by Tony Iommi
Truckin'				3,06	Additional Guitars by Dave Mustaine
Calling Your Name (The Light)		4,06	
I Can't Help Myself			3,37	Bass by Eddie Moohan
Paradise				3,37	
Dust					4,18	
Run					4,43	
Wild On The Streets			3,46	Bass by Eddie Moohan
Damnation Street			3,18	
Home					4,42	

In 2002 new material was written and in 2003 a record was completed, but Sean did not 
want to release it as Diamond Head, so it never saw the light of day.

 The fifth album, released in June 2005.
All Will Be Revealed		2005		DHLTOUR01
Mine All Mine					
Give It To Me					
Fallen Angel					
Lost At Sea					
Broken Pieces					
All Will Be Revealed				
Dead Or Living					
Drinkin Again					
Come Alive					
Muddy Waters					

Live Recordings

 Live Video, from Leicester Feb 17, 1984. (Autographed by all 5 members)
Live In Concert			1984	60,00	DHV 001
Play It Loud					
I Need Your Love				
To Heaven From Hell / drum solo			
Suckin' My Love					
One More Night					
Don't You Ever Leave Me				
Introduction Josh Phillipse - Gorse		
In The Heat Of The Night			
Canterbury (intro)				
Am I Evil ?					
Recorded live at Leicester University Feb 17 1984, during the University Tour

 Double Live CD, recorded 1993, released by Castle in 1994.
Evil Live			1994	68,04	ESD CD 219
Disc One - Evil Live			40,25
Am I Evil? (Live)			7,00	
Dust (Live)				4,36	
Truckin' (Live)				3,10	
To The Devil His Due (Live)		6,14	
Sucking My Love (Live)			5,32	
Run (Live)				4,52	
To Heaven From Hell (Live)		5,53	
Helpless (Live)				3,05	

Disc Two - Evil Extras			27,39
Good Lovin' Gone Bad (Mick Ralphs)	3,44	Bad Company cover
This Flight Tonight (Joni Mitchell)	3,34	Nazareth cover
Rock The Nation (Ronnie Montrose)	2,58	Montrose cover
Good Rockin' Tonight (Montrose ?)	2,37	Montrose cover
Sweet Silence (Brown, Mr Big ?)		4,46	Mr Big cover
Feels Good				3,07	
Kiss Of Fire				2,59	
Let Me Down Easy			3,52	
Disc One Recorded live at the National Bowl Milton Keynes June 5th 1993

 Double Live CD, recorded 1991, released by Zoom Club in 2000.
Live In The Heat Of The Night	2000	71,41	ZCRCD 27
Lightning To The Nations		3,45	
Feels Good				3,22	
I Can't Help Myself			3,42	
In The Heat Of The Night		4,54	
Calling Your Name			4,29	
She Comes Down				3,59	
Sucking My Love				7,55	
Let Me Down Easy			3,49	
Borrowed Time				6,08	
Run					5,21	
To Heaven From Hell			5,56	
Makin' Music				6,05	
Home					3,39	
Medley: Helpless / My Generation / 
        Oh Well / Hocus Pocus / 
        Riff Raff / It's Electric	8,34	

Live Video CD				44,06
Feels Good					
I Can't Help Myself				
In The Heat Of The Night			
Calling Your Name				
She Comes Down					
Sucking My Love					
Let Me Down Easy				
Borrowed Time					
Recorded live at the Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton Nov 21, ´91

 Live DVD, released by Secret Films in 2006.
To The Devil His Due		2006	123,47	
Am I Evil ? (intro)		
It's Electric			
Give It To Me			
The Prince			
Mine All Mine			
Lightning To The Nations	
Fallen Angel			
To The Devil His Due		
I Can't Help Myself		
Sucking My Love			
Streets Of Gold			
Am I Evil ?			
In The Heat Of The Night	
Recorded live at the London Astoria, Nov 4, 2005, incl. interviews and studio footage


 Released on vinyl by MCA Records in 1980.
Brute Force			1980		MCF 3074
It's Electric				3,35	

 Released on vinyl by BBC Records in 1981.
The Friday Rock Show		1981		REH 426
Don't You Ever Leave			5,40	

 Released on vinyl by Metal Masters in 1986.
Behold The Beginning		1986		METALP 110
It's Electric					
The Prince					
Sweet & Innocent				
Sucking My Love					
Streets Of Gold					
Play It Loud					
Shoot Out The Lights				
Waited Too Long					
All tracks remixed by Brian Tatler in February 1986. Misprint says Scott plays bass, 
Kimberly drums (wrong spelling as well) and that all tracks except 8 are from "Lightning To The Nations"

 Released on vinyl & CD by FM Records in 1987.
Am I Evil			1987	52,21	WKFM LP 92
Am I Evil				7,39	
Heat Of The Night			5,51	
Don't You Ever Leave Me			5,35	
Borrowed Time				6,47	
To Heaven From Hell			6,27	
Dead Reckoning				6,22	
Lightning To The Nations		4,11	
Sucking My Love				9,29	
Sleeve notes by Malcolm Dome, Kerrang!, July 1987. Cover illustration by Rodney Matthews.

 Released on CD by Metal Masters in 1988.
Sweet & Innocent		1988	45,14	METALCD 122
It's Electric				3,27	
The Prince				6,13	
Sweet & Innocent			3,37	
Sucking My Love				9,32	
Streets Of Gold				3,34	
Play It Loud				3,20	
Shoot Out The Lights			4,07	
Waited Too Long				4,32	
Helpless				6,49	
Same remixed tracks as on above mentioned, Behold The Beginning. 
Misprint says Kimberly (wrong spelling) and that all tracks except 8 are from "Lightning To The Nations"

 Released on CD by MCA in 1999.
The Best Of Diamond Head	1999	69,12	HMNCD 046
It's Electric				3,22	
Shoot Out The Lights			4,05	
Helpless				6,49	
Sucking My Love				9,31	
In The Heat Of The Night		4,58	
Call Me					3,50	
Lightning To The Nations		4,09	
Borrowed Time				7,40	
Am I Evil				7,22	
Makin' Music				3,51	
Out Of Phase				3,33	
Ishmael					4,00	
To The Devil His Due			5,56	
Booklet notes by Keith Jenkin

1993 17 Dec Stockholm   Escape Bacchi
FM with Mervyn Goldsworthy on bass
Only had the time to speak a few words with him though

2005 10 Jun Norje, Sweden Rock Festival
Diamond Head (at last !!!)
 Photo from
Brian Tatler (guitar), Nick Tart (vocals), Karl Wilcox (drums), Eddie Moohan (bass), Adrian Mills (guitar).

During the Black Label Society show I met Brian Tatler of Diamond Head. 

He signed the back of my mobile "Call Me, Brian DH" after the Diamond Head song that was released as a 
12" single in 1982. We also talked about the old Diamond Head fan club that I was a member of between 1982-85.
I hadn't brought any album with me to sign, since I have almost all vinyl releases by Diamond Head, 
I didn't want to bring them to a festival and maybe get a scratch on the cover or something.
Since Brian is the only original member left in the band and I have the University Tour Live Video from 1984 
signed by all 5 members of the band at that time, I didn't see the point.
 All members of the band signed a paper at least
At 19.22 a 25-year total absence of live-in person-experience with Diamond Head finally ended.
The Am I Evil intro went into It's Electric and I was standing in front of Brian headbanging almost like in 
the 80's and maybe for the first time since Andy Scott´s Sweet played on the boat Dancing Queen in 1998.
The new singer did the job, he wasn't a Sean Harris clone, but close enough and he was good enough.
The surprise was that the rhythmsection and second guitarist was good, almost great. Better than, 
let's say, Dio's bandmates for the last 15 years or so.
Two new songs were played, nice new riffs from Brian, well worth to check out on the new CD.
The other 5 songs were all taken from the debut album, only 2 tracks from that album was not 
played, the title track Lightning To The Nations and Sweet And Innocent.

Sadly they did not play Call Me or any song from Canterbury but that was almost expected. 
And Brian no longer plays Flying-V either, but I really don't mind, it was great anyway.
 Photo by Anders Lundqvist
After the show I got myself a photo with Brian to put on the website that I started planning 
during the show. After Diamond Head I left the festival with a smile on my face.
Happy to miss Hammerfall, but sad to miss A.C.T. for the seventh time !!!

Time: 7.22 p.m. -8.02 p.m.
Intro to Am I Evil
It's Electric
Give It To Me (new song)
The Prince
Mine All Mine (new song)
Sucking My Love
Am I Evil

Highlight: All songs from the debut album, especially It's Electric, Sucking My Love and Am I Evil.
Rating: 4+

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 Membership Card, my number was 0373

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I started this webpage on June 12, 2005 after finally seeing Diamond Head on stage at Sweden Rock Festival.
Hopefully, this performance (after 25 years of waiting) will not be the last time I see them.
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